There IS hope.

Hi homies. Throughout our lives, how many of us tip-toe across a tenuous foot-bridge constructed of our beliefs; a bridge that spans high over an infinite black abyss of “what ifs” and alternative possibilites? Out of fear or perhaps apathy, we cling to beliefs; many of which were handed down through the generations, some of which we acquired through experience, and too many of which are the result of conditioning by those who would seek to control us. Whether real, fabricated, good or bad, our beliefs are our reality.

No, there is no singular reality. Let’s start there. Your reality is a movie being projected inside the walls of your head. It’s been modified to fit your screen, haha. That is, it’s been filtered by your beliefs. The human population of our world is roughly 7.2 billion people, so there are about 7.2 billion versions of reality out there; each person believing theirs is the only one, the right one. So for starters, if you ever feel like you don’t fit in or you’re an outcast, rejoice in knowing there are 7.2 billion just like you, with no two realities being the same! Assertive people WILL try to impose their reality on you; some for benevolent reasons, and some for self-serving reasons of power, control, and greed and to counter-balance their own self-loathing and misery. From that dark place emerges, for example, bullying.

I don’t want to convolute things yet, this being the first post and all… but when we talk of realities, we can’t exclude the non-human beings, many of whom I feel are higher on the evolutionary ladder than we arrogantly or blindly care to admit. But, that discussion is for another day.

Do you know the difference between a belief and a fact? Rhetorical question.

Here is Fact Number One: Life is a mystery that we will not solve during our lifetime.

Yes, you may have beliefs, strong beliefs, that answer all of your questions about life, but if we are being honest with ourselves and separating facts from beliefs, you know and I know we will not know the answers until hopefully we ascend to the next level of this glorious video game. Life could be totally arbitrary, but it’s all we know, so perhaps we think it’s the product of a divine design. And throughout the centuries we’ve super-imposed a structure of beliefs creating a culture to keep us from falling into that black abyss of alternative possibilities and even insanity.

Back to the point. If you agree, or cannot with empirical evidence dispute, that life is a mystery which we cannot solve, then logic dictates that you must accept Fact Number Two: Anything is possible.

And if you accept that anything is possible, you must also accept Fact Number Three: There IS hope.

Life is a mystery that we won’t solve during our lifetime, therefore anything is possible, and thus there is hope.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post in my new blog called The Homie Perspective. As a wise person once said, “Opinions are like ass-holes; everybody’s got one”. Well, this has been mine… uh, my opinion, that is.

Until next time, peace, love, dove homies.


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