The Ascension

I went outside, and there was no one there. Just the wind and the trees and the gray. And my yard… it was gone. There was just.. forest… trees, wilderness. My street, my pathway to the grocery store wasn’t there anymore. I panicked… froze. Then.. looked behind me. My house… It was gone too. Just me, and the trees. Lost I assumed, in the wilderness. To my right was a path. Tan deadened pine needles leading somewhere, I guess, so I followed it. I had only my jeans, my tee-shirt, my sneakers, and my house keys. Ok.. I’ll play. I’m sure this is a dream. That fucking Benadryl I’ve been taking to make me fall asleep each night. Yeah… that’s the culprit.

So I walked on, now DEEP in the woods, yet, I felt peaceful. I felt as I always did, at one with the wild animals. No fear. If they don’t see me for what I am, then so be it. They’ll kill me, probably eat me, but I will go in peace to the next plateau. Ya see, not fearing death makes life all the more worth living.

It was getting dark. Kind of.. a Halloween dark… I started thinking about the Blair Witch Project and the Naked And Afraid shows I’ve watched, and thought… “hmmm, I’ve gotta make a shelter for the night”. And there it was. A deep burrow of some sort. I remember thinking, a badger must have dug this out. So I backed my legs into it… Oh lord, a very snug fit, and I submerged myself down to my neck. Yes, this is a shelter.

But then, I felt something tickling my feet, and I tried to shimmy out.. but I was stuck. And then the tickle turned to pain, as whatever it was that dug this borrow began chewing and gnawing away at my feet, removing chunks of me in a gradual fashion. I screamed, “Hey, I’m one of you!!! One with nature!!! Spare me… p l e a s e….”

But the hungry carnivore continued to devour me. My feet, my shins, my thighs… and soon… darkness fell.

I awoke alone, feeling happy, somehow free. I looked at my hands, which were no longer hands. I chilled for a moment, maybe longer… I was in a burrow, and I wasn’t human… not anymore. Then it became clear… I was the creature… the one that killed my former human self. And at last, I was free.


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