Ya know, I really believe in souls jumping from species to species. My youngest daughter adopted a black kitten recently. She named him JJ, short for Jake Junior. Her grandmother had an old black cat named Jake that she said was my daughter’s cat, and in return my daughter honored my mother by naming her Kitten JJ. Anyway, I digress…

JJ is a rock n roll cat. About three months old now, he loves to fight (I feel so sorry for my older cat OG who just wants to chill), he’s got a crooked nose, got ears like a bat, and LOVES to watch me play my bass. I firmly believe that in his past life, he was a musician… more precisely, a bass player.

I’ve always believed we’re a product of technology. Our hardware is our skeletal and muscular systems. Our firmware is our nervous system. Our operating system is our mind. Our software is, unfortunately, whatever crap gets fed into us, for example, TV, media, social networks, religion, educational curriculums, and the list goes on.

So what is the big advancement in technology that separates us from your I-phone?

You guessed it. It’s a SOUL; an indescribable sense of selfness and identity that separates ALL living things from computers, and cars, and tablets, and cell phones. Man will continue to advance technology in an attempt to replicate a “living” being. Good luck. I think whoever or whatever designed us included a fail-safe to prevent that from ever happening. In the meantime, we can take refuge in the knowledge that we are not arbitrary, and there is, or was, a greater power working with development tools the likes of which we will never know. Peace, love, dove homies.


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