We continuously let the news media pummel our happiness with daily reports of how those extremist nincompoops are establishing a worldwide caliphate. Well, I think I speak for most of America when I say, “What the hell is a caliphate?”

Seriously homies, we carry a world of worries in these backpacks we wear. You know what I’m talking about; that dread weight that’s always pressing down on your shoulders. Making you tired, maybe even hopeless… making you lose sleep.

I suggest we all give ourselves a break for the rest of the weekend. Take a minute and visualize the backpack that you are wearing; the color, the fabric. Think about what you’re carrying in it. Mortgage? Kids’ college loans? Illness? Government corruption? Addiction? Peer pressure? Shitty job? No job? Chronic nose picking? NOW, visualize yourself taking it off. Take off the backpack, carry it outside, and LEAVE IT THERE until Monday. You can always put it on again, but how about for just 36 hours, we leave it off. We’re all good people, so don’t we deserve a break?

Finally, if you REALLY wanna have some fun this weekend, do what I’m doing. Throw a LARGE house-party, and play the game Guess Who Has Ebola. It really livens up the crowd. On that irreverent note, take off those backpacks and have a great weekend homies. And remember, you only live multiple times. Luv ya all!!!


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