The Maze

Hi homies. So, here’s my “Theory of Health and Happiness”, originally posted on my Facebook page back in 2012.

Visualize one of those mazes you see in the newspapers. A circular one, where you start in the center and with a pencil, you have to find your way out. That’s your life. You start in the center. The center is who you are… your inner nature, your inner self. And, in the beginning, the center is also where you are. Who you are and where you are, are one and the same, and you are close to, in fact at one with, your inner self. You can almost remember a time, somewhere back in your dreams, when you were without fear… happy, and at peace – there, in the center of the maze.

And then one day, you were just sitting there picking your nose, and you were really getting into it. That one elusive bugger, way up there… you almost got it. And then suddenly, your parent slaps your hand and says, “You can’t be doing that.” And for the first time, you find yourself in a place where you can’t be who you are, or at least, that’s what you believe. Where you are, is no longer who you are. And for the first time, you’ve wandered into the maze.

You can still find your way back, but now there is separation, distance between where you are and who you are, and something has to bridge that gap.

Later, you find yourself in the school yard, and some asshole calls you fat, or ugly, or stupid. And, you let it get into your head, and you think, “I can’t stay the way I am, if people are gonna call me fat, ugly or stupid”. By the way, you never noticed how damaged was the asshole calling you those names, did you? So you “try” to change, and you wander further into the maze. The distance between where you are and who you are grows, and now, you can’t see the center anymore.

As childhood becomes adolescence become adulthood, your peers scrutinize how you dress and how you behave. The media tells you what to look like, and “authority figures” tell you what you can and can’t do. You’re way out in the maze now, adrift in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. In the immortal words of Blind Faith, you can’t find your home.

Our brains are wonderful relational computers, but when it comes to reconciling the distance between where we are and who we are, they really suck.

The brain knows that where we are and who we are, are supposed to be the same place. It’s in our hard-wiring… our firmware. However, our brain is not equipped to bring us home by itself. It needs the help of our conscious mind. But, still it tries. Unfortunately, it tries to close the gap by filling it with bad stuff – anxiety, depression, mental illness, physical illness.

Sometimes, as a dumb computer, it tries to solve the problem by saying, “If distance exists between where we are and who we are, then let’s get rid of the distance by eliminating one of the variables.” You can’t have a line, if you only have one point. To the brain, the problem is the distance, or the gap, so… let’s get rid of who we are, then, there will be no gap, no distance.

The brain may be dumb, but it’s powerful enough to launch a campaign of self-destruction, all for the honorable purpose of eliminating the distance between us and our inner self, by eliminating one of the variables. So, without understanding why, we become alcoholics, addicts, high-risk junkies and self-abusers.

Now here we are today; lost in the maze. You know how you got here, right? So why can’t today be the day that you begin your journey back home; back to the center; back to you. Happy travels homies.


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