Autumn 2014

Autumn is saying hello to central Jersey today, and I for one love it! Blasting from nuclear ice-buckets in the troposphere, 45 MPH winds flip the Jersey bird to our Anderson windows. My barbeque-grill cover flaps wildly like Jane Mansfield’s scarf on a Sunday drive. Somewhere locked in the dusty cellar I call my head, Eva Cassidy drones the words of Autumn Leaves like a tortured angel. And outside, the leaves peak in their brilliant sunset dance, as they spiral toward the sky hoping to make this moment last forever. Ah, if only to escape the inevitable and remain suspended in the “now”; especially now, when we’re just starting to live. The wind continues to whip the house, and the screens shutter with anxiety. As for me, I’m laundering my Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt. Got a game today, homies.


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