Suppose you just stepped back and didn’t worry about the outcome.

Suppose instead of controlling events, you calmly and coolly initiated the events; setting them in motion.

Suppose instead of tying yourself in knots over something you cannot influence, you just relaxed and surrendered yourself to FATE, a higher power that will ultimately produce the end result.

Suppose that whether the outcome appears to be good or bad, you accept that appearances are almost always deceiving, and you probably won’t know if it’s good or bad until sometime in the near or distant future, when FATE once again reveals itself to you.

And finally, suppose you now have the confidence, serenity and courage to realize that the process you just applied can be repeated throughout your life. You no longer erode yourself with anxiety, because now you don’t worry about the outcome, because now you have a process to respond to any outcome. Now, you can unload your back-breaking burden of anxiety, worry, fear and panic, and let FATE carry it for a while. Can you feel it? Can you feel yourself beginning to relax?

For me, personally, I believe wholeheartedly in a higher power that rewards good and thwarts evil; a higher power that exacts itself through FATE in a manner that we will never understand during this “lifetime”. I look at our current life as a single rung on an infinite ladder, which we will continue to climb for eternity. Perhaps we who are good will realize our reward during this rung, or perhaps on another rung somewhere up the ladder. Peace, love, dove homies.


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