The Way It Is

Although the cops’ choke-hold is what killed Eric Garner, it was “regulation strangulation” that caused his death. Some cops are bad. These apparently were. I believe most cops are trying their best to keep us safe and enforce too many laws which should never have been written.

Poor Mr. Garner was simply trying survive the hand he was dealt. To harass and kill a man, albeit presumably unintentional, for denying tax-revenue by selling single-cigarettes is as heinous as any corrupt government can get, and as heart-breaking as any unnecessary tragedy can be.

Protest abusive police tactics if you must, but it is the laws that need to change. It is the system of corrupt government and money/power worship that needs to change. It is time to reverse-engineer civilization and behold how we TRULY got here and to finally see what “here” actually is. But if I’m being honest with myself, I doubt than many of us actually want to know, and if we did, the shock to our system could be too much to handle.

I suggest to you that our entire reality, our culture, is a myth, and we are being farmed to create wealth for a minority of farmers to harvest, as they’ve harvested perpetually for centuries. All of the elements are present and working together in perverted harmony; the elements that feed the hatred to keep us from uniting, that keep us sick and hooked on pharma and booze and drugs, that make us insecure and needy of social media and group-think and mob mentality, that bamboozle our appetites to buy factory-farmed processed foods, that keep us scared and unwilling to say “We’re not going to pay your fucking taxes anymore you corrupt sons of bitches”, that keep us tired and distracted so that we have just enough strength left to hug our loved ones and crash on the bed for the night.

Some government beurocrat sitting aloof in a stale, pale yellow office decided it’s not good for the farm animals to smoke, levied a five-dollar tax on a pack of cigarettes, and ultimately killed Eric Garner. Rest in peace Mister Garner.

Let no man rule over me. Peace, love, dove homies.


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