White Like Me?

Chapter One

“White. Black. Hispanic. Asian. I knew if we left these humans alone long enough, they’d mess things up”, said the creator. Ashley, his young and ambitious protégée nodded in eager agreement.

“Sir….” she cooed in her soft British accent, “I have an idea if you’re willing to entertain it”. The creator, weary, nodded.

“Well, the humans have taken to categorizing their species by a symbolic color. White people aren’t really white, except of course for albinos, and black people aren’t actually black. Likewise, hispanic and asian as labels are far too general and misleading.” Ashley waited for a sign from the creator to continue. She got it.

“Ok then, I suggest we do a global delete on those labels from human society at large. We can agree later on a finite set of skin colors to serve as a descriptive attribute”, urged Ashley.

“Yes”, chirped the creator, now visibly engaged. Sounding eerily like Dumbledore, he volunteered, “I’ve always liked the Crayola crayon colors! Why don’t we use apricot, peach, maze, tan, raw sienna, red orange, red, chestnut, olive, tan, sepia, copper, light brown, brown and dark brown!”. His excitement was obvious.

“Uh… sure sir. That’s fine for now, but can we agree to discuss further?” asked Ashley treading lightly. With the self-accepting grin of an old mentor, the creator nodded. “Ok, thank you sir” continued Ashley.

“The humans will no longer check off whether someone is black, white and so on when filling out employment or government forms. No more media, entertainment and organizations catering to one label versus another; an entire erase of that mind-set”.

“I like it”, said the creator. “Anything else?”

“Yes sir”, replied Ashley. “And this is… a bit radical. It’s become clear to me as I observe the evolution of enlightenment amongst many and the decline into evil by some, that the old over-generalizations of good versus evil have become…. well, reality.”

“Go on”. The creator was now transfixed.

“Sir, I contest the species known as homosapien, or human being, is no longer relevant. We need a sub-classification to formally recognize the good versus the evil. I’m recommending that beneath the species of ‘human’ we add two ‘families’ – righteous and heartless, and that we ‘allow’, wink wink, the humans to stumble upon a genetic test that clearly identifies one from the other.”

“Hmmm, how would you define Righteous versus Heartless”, quizzed the creator.

“I see it in simple terms, sir”, offered Ashley. “The Righteous hold in sacred reverence the sanctity of life, freedom, and happiness of all living things, and they respect that they are equal with one another and can learn and benefit from one another. The Heartless are self-absorbed and self-serving with no regard for human or animal life. They hurt and kill liberally and without remorse, and their sole motivations are power and greed. They seek to control and rule over others”.

“Ok Ashley, I’m on board”, said the creator. “Why don’t you draft an implementation plan. We can review it when you’re ready.”

With humility, and righteousness, Ashley nodded, and smiled.

To be continued…


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