Farewell Facebook

I think most people keep their true feelings sequestered in chambers waiting for that rare occasion to air them out with a close friend or family member, if at all. How sad for those of us on social media who are eager to know and say, “Wow, I’m like that too!”

Instead, we share family photos, recipes, wise words written by others, and those platitudes deemed safe and permissible by our self-imposed jailor named Society. What a missed opportunity to unify at a base level and begin to forge a new age of enlightened people who per The Who “won’t get fooled again”.

Me, I started using Facebook as my public diary. I felt alone; the last man on earth sending a beacon out into space, patiently waiting for someone to signal back saying, “Yes, I’m here too…”

I realize some of my posts have seemed like THEY came from outer space, haha, when actually most came unfiltered from inner space; my social experiment; another jump into a frozen lake. Validate me, so I can feel worthy. Recognize me, so I won’t feel alone. LIKE MY POST. Ultimately, I became someone who ignored his own posts, and Facebook became an addiction instead of a handshake.

If I’ve learned nothing else, I have learned this. Even if not posted on social media, life still counts. Enjoy yours. Peace, love, dove homies.


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