Let’s Start a Rock Band (The Rock Band Chronicles)

Hi homies. Your input, ideas and opinions would be greatly valued and appreciated, should you be so inclined to participate with me in this experiment. Having been caught in the gravitational orbit that circles the cosmic drain of life, I believe I have one GOOD rock band left in me.

Here’s the premise. You and I are local talent promoters, and we’re out to start a middle-aged rock cover band to play bars and other venues. Our audience demographic is age 35 thru 65. Initially, we are not in it for the money, but for the joy of performing, trying something different and ultimately exciting and drawing audiences. We are not out to please people who are content hearing mediocre copies of their favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd and Pat Benatar songs. We are out to entertain people who seek the musicality, adrenaline and nostalgia of a concert-like dance experience.

The name of the band is The Bad Genes. Below is their MISSION STATEMENT.

This is your band too. What would you change, or reimagine, about the premise or mission statement? If you wanna play, please comment or message me. If not, I’d love to know if you would come to see a band as described below. Either way, thanks so much for reading this.

The mission of The Bad Genes

• is to look like a rock band, sound like a rock band and perform like a rock band while playing in-your-face original, danceable arrangements of atypical 60s rock, garage rock and British Invasion songs lightly seasoned with power pop, Motown and punk, all with catchy melodies, high energy dance beats and strong harmonies

• in a way that showcases our cohesiveness, professionalism, excitement and passion as top-tier “ROCK” musicians, vocalists and arrangers, who believe “less is more” and play with rock-solid punch, dynamics and tempo executed flawlessly, as opposed to out-of-our-league flash executed in a way that is sloppy and forgettable

• for the purpose of offering an exhilarating concert-like experience to listening and dancing audiences seeking an alternative to the usual bar-band menu, while committed to believing that “if we build it, they will come”.

End of Post.


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