What’s In a Name? (The Rock Band Chronicles)

Hi again. So happy you’re continuing on this journey with me to start a rock band from scratch.

Naming a band is tougher than I thought. Not only is The Bad Genes taken, but the Pittsburgh-based punk band who owns it looks like they could really beat the crap out of me if they wanted to! So, I need a new name. Here’s a few I considered and dismissed:
– The Manvilles (taken)
– Adrenaline (taken)
– The Faded Genes (taken)
– The Broken (not taken, but too depressing)
– Retro (taken).

My plan?
1. Prepare a fully equipped rehearsal space. DONE!
2. Define the band vision, mission and song-list. DONE!
3. Come up with a name.  (ugh…)
4. Publish a band Facebook page to make it easier to communicate the vision and recruit talent.
5. Search and recruit musicians/vocalists who share the vision and musical style.

Step 5 will be the make-or-break part of this dream of mine. Stay tuned. Peace, love, dove homies.


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