Political Correctness

I’m cursed to be always thinking; always trying to problem-solve; always trying to figure out the unfigurable; always believing that answers are out there camouflaged in the landscape. The need to sleuth hits me every night around 2:00 AM or so, and I start pondering, when what I really want… is to go back to sleep. So I turn on the TV and start flipping through the cable channels, seeing screen after screen of people talking. Is it too much to ask for one damn 50s science fiction movie? When did talking become such national entertainment? Do people no longer do it face to face? Doesn’t anyone like giant insects rampaging through the city anymore? On the late-night cable-carousel, peppered amongst the talking heads, are people exercising, cooking or getting shot. I’ll usually pause on a Spanish or Chinese station where I can’t understand what the talkers are saying, and I can finally begin to reclose my eyes.

Lately, I’ve been contemplating political correctness; been trying to define it within the walls of my personal reality. I see it as this: The cultural conditioning of the masses by those who are corrupt, power-hungry or greedy for the purpose of suppressing and distracting the masses from recognizing and rising up against the true agendas of the Corrupt, Powerful and Greedy (CP&G). In other words, keeping the people divided, confused and muzzled, so that the executive sociopaths can keep milking us like cows in a factory farm.

Hence, the questions…

Q: Why do the CP&G feel the need to keep us divided? A: Because they fear us.

Q: Why do they fear us? A: Because if we ever saw the light and unified, there would be no force on earth more powerful than us.

Q: Why don’t we unify and take back the planet? A: Because we, all of us, have not yet suffered enough to become motivated.

Now keep in mind, these are the thoughts of an insomniac who watches late night TV in a language he doesn’t understand, haha!  Peace, love, dove homies.


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