Dirty Garage (The Rock Band Chronicles)

Hi homies and fellow bloggies! My quest to organically start a rock band continues. The process is slow, but the labor is a hoot! By the way, here’s a shout-out to LMG who asked me about the band and thus prompted me to get off my butt and write this.

Since my last entry, I’ve

  • started contacting potential musicians and vocalists,
  • created a personal profile on http://www.bandmix.com/bass559185/ (check it out!),
  • finalized an initial song-list of 55 songs,
  • invested in a PA system that I can carry and transport in my 2-door coupe, and
  • chosen the name of the band… Dirty Garage!

What can I tell you about the vision for Dirty Garage?   Hmmm…

  • We’re a fusion of hard-rock, garage-rock, British invasion and blues/punk/pop.
  • All songs will be danceable and hum-able, or we won’t do them.
  • No songs will be typical, overplayed bar-band songs such as Sweet Home Alabama, Hit Me with Your Best Shot or Play That Funky Music White Boy.
  • Rehearsals will be weekly at my studio (fancy term for basement) including semi-monthly vocals-only rehearsals. We can rotate rehearsal locations, should other band-members wish to rehearse at their place.
  • About 50% of the songs will be updated for danceable tempo, in-your-face intro’s, harder-edge, reduced fat and compatibility with the band’s profile and message (i.e., “dance, or we’ll kill you!”)
  • Regarding the song choices, we as a “democratic” band will play marbles. The 55 pre-selected songs define the profile and personality of Dirty Garage. These songs will be in the “pot”. New band members can shoot my songs out of the pot and replace them with their songs, provided their songs fit the profile.
  • I’d rather have quarter notes executed with flawless expression, timing and dynamics, than to have a player who can shred 16th and 32nd notes only to lose the beat, feel or tune. Therefore, all new songs will initially be rehearsed with a click-track until we all feel solid with the tempo. I don’t care about a band-member’s limitations, as long as they acknowledge and respect their limitations.

Despite the fact that sharing my vision might make you think I’m a rock-n-roll dictator (yes, there are two songs by The Dictators in the start-up song-list, haha!), I am actually very flexible and would never second-guess a band-member’s choice of notes or expression. I’m focused on execution, performance and arrangement, and I choose to leave the creativeness where it belongs, with the band-members.

Well, if you actually read all of the above, you have my undying respect and gratitude, haha! Until the next installment of The Rock Band Chronicles… peace, love, dove homies and bloggies. Luv ya all!



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