Like many of us, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why someone would deliberately crash a plane and kill 150 people. While difficult to detach oneself from the unsettling horror and emotion that defines this event, I’ve been trying to fathom it analytically.

In my simple mind, there are four motivators of human behavior: fear, love, grour and mental illness. Having attended the Slip Mahoney School of English Language, “grour” is a word I invented to mean a combination of greed and/or power. For me, those two things are interchangeable. Some may argue that religion and loyalty should be on the list, but I think those can be spliced into one or more of the aforementioned FEAR, LOVE, GROUR and MENTAL ILLNESS.

What scares me the most about my perception of “the world” is the growing presence of sociopathism, yes, another word that spell-check is telling me I invented. Classified under mental illness, I see it as the lack of love, compassion or value for human life, and the absence of moral-compass and conscience.

Getting back to the co-pilot, the killer… What motivated him?

A talking head on CNN news yesterday stated that there have been more than six similar incidents since 1999, all without conclusions as to the pilots’ motivations. What do you think? I for one do not believe it was suicide. With a zillion other easier methods to choose from, I just can’t reconcile the heinous need to crash a plane to kill oneself, not to mention the effort, planning, cost and clarity of mind required. Frankly, I don’t know what to think.

But, here is what I wonder. Bad people, who are often grourful sociopaths, use those behavior motivators to manipulate others. Hopefully someone is forensically studying and cross-checking who were on these doomed flights, and who might have wanted one or more of them dead; and why? How do (or did) their deaths impact past, recent and/or upcoming events? Maybe someone manipulated the pilots with fear; crash it or your children die. Maybe it was a jihadist bid for martyrdom, aka mental illness. Some of you reading this may think I’m insensitve or worse to dare explore such possibilities. I’m okay with that, just as I’m okay with hearing your theories behind these cold cases of murder by plane crash. Like the rest of you, I just need for it to somehow make sense.  Peace, love, dove homies.


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