Day One (The Rock Band Chronicles)

Hi homies. Last night, Dirty Garage had its first band rehearsal. The agenda for each rehearsal includes a band meeting, followed by rehearsing, and finally setting objectives for our next rehearsal. Currently, Dirty Garage is Karen – keyboards/vocals, George – drums/vocals, and me, Rich – bass/vocals. We are searching for our fourth member. Last night we locked down our 60-song target-list, discussed our stage footprint, and talked about defining our band “look” and attire.

We are rehearsing songs in blocks of six. When the first six are solid, we’ll move them to the “performance list” and promote our next block-of-six to the “rehearsal list”. Our current rehearsal list is Break On Through – The Doors, Tell That Girl To Shut Up – Holly & the Italians, Celebration Day – Led Zeppelin, Time Won’t Let Me – The Outsiders, Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics, and I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren.

Our next block-of-six will be C’mon Everybody – The Chevelles, Dominos Fall – Rancid, Where Did All The Good Times Go – The Kinks, Laugh At Me – Sonny Bono, Ready To Go – Republica, and Fortunate Son – CCR.

What I found to be wonderful about last night’s rehearsal was that we were all in the same boat, learning all six songs from scratch.  It kinda transported me to a feeling of being back in the old (dirty) garage with my friends. We weren’t selling out for the purpose of rushing out to gig or to please some stereotype of an imaginary audience. We were working together on arrangements, and vocals, and tempos, and expression, like three friends who got together to enjoy the experience, and vulnerability, of taking chances and creating something good. We didn’t care if we fucked up, because falling down is a requirement of the creative process; the rite of passage for ultimately becoming something better than we believed we could be.  Right now the songs are all works-in-progress and labors-of-love; just where I hoped they’d be. When they’re ready, they’re ready.  In the meantime, I have plenty of coffee on the burner!

On Sunday, we have a guitarist/vocalist coming over to jam with us on that first block-of-six. He’s a friend who I’ve jammed with before and is very talented. I’ve reminisced with him recently about a jam session we had back in 2013, when I asked him out of the blue if he ever played I’m Going Home by Ten Years After (from Woodstock). He suddenly started playing it and NAILED IT! Yes, nailed Alvin Lee! Who knows, maybe the stars will be aligned this Sunday. No pressure, just fun. Peace, love, dove homies.


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