Something Wicked This Way Comes

Leave it to Hilary Clinton to exploit the Baltimore crisis for her own political gain. She who condescended down to her Whitehouse staff, she who sold political favors to gain power and wealth, she the multi-millionaire who condemns the top one percent, she the “leader” who watched as four Americans slowly burned to death in Benghazi and then covered it up, quit her job, erased all evidence from her servers, and when questioned about it, yelled indignantly “What difference does it make!” And yet, via the mob mentality of social media, the pimping of news outlets, and the liberal conditioning of our youth by “progressive” educators, this amoral schemer will morph into whatever placates your fears and desires, and will most likely become your next president. She will tell you exactly what you want to hear. It’s happening right now before our eyes. Does anyone see? Does anyone care to even look?

While ISIS plans terror attacks in Rome, and race-merchants with public platforms continue to incite civil unrest across our country, Hilary’s political machine will concoct bedtime stories to help us stay comfortable in our captivity, while she walks atop our sleeping bodies to ascend her throne of gold. She’ll provide no solutions but plenty of blame. Forget personal accountability; it’s everybody else’s fault. Let the government provide for you. Let the government become your addiction. Let the government own you.

Most of us want gender, race and sexual orientation equality, but don’t let the appeal of that narrative blind you from seeing the “liability” she is. We’ve already done that once with Obama. Lesson learned?

Hilary, we already know what the problems are, and here’s a news flash; you are one of them. Peace, love, dove homies.


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