Memoirs of a Nobody – Foreword

That’s me, by the way… the nobody, the “homie”. I’m just a dumb Polock from Manville. I lived in Brooklyn for my first five years and then grew up in Manville, where, at least with my crew, calling each other Dumb Polock, Wop, and ass-hole were as common as the sun rising each morning. Not much that came out of our mouths was ever politically correct or “sensitive” in a societal way. And yet, we brushed that dirt off of our shoulders, like in that Jay-Z song, and forged friendships the strength of steel.

These days in our hyper-sensitive easily-offended society, hearing an inappropriate word or being criticized even with the most constructive of intentions is for some the same as receiving a blow from a fist to the face. In my young years, I actually felt fists to my face on several occasions, often a result of my own stupid provocation. Dirt off my shoulder, but I learned, albeit the hard way.

So where am I going with this? As in the beautiful Kinks song, I am no more than a face in the crowd, a nobody, and yet I have the audacity to write a blog. Why?  First, I enjoy writing. Second, like every other incredible computer amongst our seven-plus billion on earth, I have an opinion. Last and perhaps least attainable, I long to connect with others at a level that transcends the fear and cultural force-field that has come to entomb our inners selves like muted mummies in their sarcophagus. If for just one person, my words put a crack in that shield, enough for a faint voice to whisper, “yes, I feel that way too”, then my writing will have mattered.

I’ve voiced some controversial subject-matter in my posts, and I’ve observed five typical responses to each.
1, people choose not to read them.
2, people read them, feel they are crap, and remain indifferent.
3, people read them, agree with them, but decline to “LIKE” them because they, in their sarcophagus, are afraid of being judged harshly by their social media peers.
4, people read them, strongly disagree or dislike them, but decline to COMMENT because of offending me(?) or again being judged harshly.
5, folks read them, and then bravely LIKE or comment.

Me, I have a voice, and I like to write. While I often write about everything that I know nothing about, I’ve decided to take a chance and write about a subject that I know something about… me. I’m hoping my memoirs will entertain, although I am totally prepared for response # 2. Stay tuned homies, and in the meantime, use your voice. Luv ya all! Peace, love, dove.


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