Liquid Life

Life is fluid, always changing. If you hold on to expectations, you will be forever disappointed… forever sad.

“Sanity” is the sun in a structure contrived by man. Time was invented as a gravitational force to keep us tethered to that sanity.

In my opinion, there is NO time, other than our belief in its existence. There is only NOW and perpetual motion. The moment in which you stood as a child is the same moment you stand in now. So what has changed? You… you have changed via the perpetual motion of the matter that constitutes you, and the perpetual motion of the universe around you, and perpetual change of the wiring in your head.

So then… if life is truly a river of constant change, it would seem we have two choices: fight the current, or go with the flow.

I like to retell a story Alan Watts relayed in one of his lectures a long time ago. It went something like this…

An old Chinese farmer quietly worked his acre of land, day in and day out. One day, a beautiful stallion wandered onto his farm and into his corral. All the villagers came to visit and said, “How wonderful.”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer. The next day, the stallion broke out of his corral and ran away.

Again the villagers came and said, “How sad.”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer. A few days later, the stallion returned. Trailing behind him was a majestic wild bronco. Both horses trotted into the corral.

Once again the villagers proclaimed, “How fortunate for you.”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer. In the days ahead, the farmer’s son attempted to tame the wild bronco. In the process, he was thrown from the horse and broke his leg.

The villagers came to visit and said, “How terrible!”

“We’ll see.” said the farmer. A week later, the military recruitment officers came through the village to draft all the young men to go to war. Because of his broken leg, the farmer’s son was deferred from military combat.

Moral of the story? We don’t know if an event that occurs today will be a good thing or a bad thing tomorrow. Go with the flow homies. Peace, love, dove.


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