Salt-N-Peppa had it right. Let’s talk about sex, baby. I submit to you that our basic, foundational need to touch and to be touched in naked abandon overwhelms the sanctity of any manmade rule and rises straight to the top of our survival pyramid. And yes, all puns in this post are purely intentional. Guilt-free indulgence in consensual love-making is the all-natural, miraculous anti-stress, anti-sadness, anti-hatred elixir that could eliminate drug and alcohol abuse, psychiatric meds, and yes, even hostility, power-mongering and war!

But what does society do? It wraps barbed-wire around our penises and erects brick walls to entomb our vaginas. It invents words like sex-crime, and sinner, and slut and womanizer until we begin to believe that sex is dirty, and we should feel ashamed lest we bare the wrath of society’s witch hunters who’ll brand our foreheads with a scarlet “A” or upheave our lives in public scandal.

So, we bottle up and pressurize those dirty little thoughts and walk within the straight and narrow virtual-lines that society permits until we eventually rupture into an ejaculate of aberrant behavior. We drink, argue, get depressed, work it off in the gym, or find other substitutes to compensate for the lack of human touch as well as the many other non-hurtful behaviors that society has declared FORBIDDEN. Society has attached so much emotional baggage to the pure act of exploring and pleasuring our bodies, that you no longer need a condom to have sex, you need a prescription of Prozac!

If you are reading this post right now, and you are an emotionally mature and sensitive adult who is informed and adept at the prevention of unwanted pregnancy and STDs, then I invite and encourage you to take off your clothes, yes right now, and have sex with the first person you see! (Yes, I mean first ADULT… calm down!). Even if that person is that crusty old guy who hasn’t cut his fingernails in three years. Peace, love, sex homies.

P.S. to my family: I am a blogger who attempts to push the edge by traversing unsafe subjects. No, I am not the orgy-master, so fear not, haha! And no, don’t take off your clothes or I’ll be very upset!


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