I’m referring to the personal drones that more and more “hobbyists” are purchasing. My question is how many of those so-called hobbyists are voyeurs and perverts? I was happy to see on the TV news some neighborhood guy swat down a drone as its camera surveilled the interior of a parked car. While I agree there are legitimate pursuits of this technology such as aerial landscape photography or giving your pet hamster a ride, I’ll bet my gold tooth that some horny fourteen year-old boy has already filmed his cute neighbor through the third floor window of her adjacent apartment building. Or worse yet, how about a convenient, low-cost destruction-delivery vehicle for our lovely homegrown terrorists? It used to be when I sat on the throne at night, I’d wonder if some hard-up ET was checking me out through the bathroom skylight. Now, who the hell knows! Trust me; these personal drones are nothing but trouble. If you don’t believe me, just wait, and keep watching the skies. Peace, love, dove homies.


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