The Rest of My Life – A Fantasy

Given the choice, I’d like to live out my remaining years as a foot soldier; a land bound pedestrian who walks or takes public transit everywhere. Well, maybe with the exception of a maintenance-friendly motorcycle suitable for urban streets and desert trails.

I’d have a small house, two bedrooms, in a dry, hot climate, like… Nevada. My front porch would oversee the Nevada desert, while my rear window scanned the sky-scape of Las Vegas. There would be an extra room, a music room, for my band to rehearse.

I’d have a hand gun, and take it with me on motorcycle rides into the desert where I’d sleep under the stars. I’d be a devout worshipper in the church of bass and would excel at that mutha like it was nobody’s business.

I’d cycle to the strip at night, bass harnessed to my back, and play casino gigs with my band. I’d do my best to stay off the grid, so that for once in my life, I could do something meaningful.

I would form an animal-rights vigilante group, and I would grow it nationwide. We would seek out the torturers of innocent animals, and we would dispatch upon them the same measure of helplessness and inhumanity that they shit upon the most innocent of God’s creatures. And when they’d suffered enough to finally “get the message”, oh what the fuck, we’d pass them over to Kharma to deal with. It’s not until these cretins of abuse understand that they TOO will be targeted, that they will think twice before torturing a dog or cat or bird, or poaching an elephant or a rhino.

My homies, there are indications, to me anyway, of a government and a world that no longer subscribes to common sense or decency. The secret agenda of political correctness and a president who seems to seek the demise of our country as his personal vendetta against the “white man’s abuse” along with a conspiracy of anti-constitutionalists who attack with media slander and fear, will ultimately backfire on their plan to socialize or tyrannize or Islamafy our lives; for we will finally say ENOUGH, and we will RISE UP and take back this country, and this world. We will resurrect America once again. We will eliminate the religious primates killing in the name of their fictitious profit. We will feel alive and strong once again. Don’t give up hope. Don’t give up faith. Peace, love, dove homies, and God bless America.

Postscript: How many of you feel this way? But are afraid to say it? Are afraid to SHOUT it? Are even afraid to even LIKE this post? That, my friends, is the problem.


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