No, I’m not not-OK

As I reread my recent blog posts, I can’t help but wonder if readers feel they are witnessing a real-time downward-spiral of yours truly. Haha, that’s probably what I’d think.

The truth is, life in this hotel room is like having a career editing autopsy reports all day in some isolated Antarctic outpost. The skies here for the past four days have been slate gray, rainy and muggy. All but ten channels on the TV serve up content targeted to the intellectual level of a cricket, and the ten “good” channels repeat their content every fricken day! Even the news is the same story day in, day out; only the words have been rearranged to present the illusion of freshness.

All that’s left outside of my primary mission here, which in itself is heartbreaking, is playing my bass, drinking cheap free Chardonnay (ok, yes it’s free; can’t be all that bad I guess…), and writing my blog. So yes, sometimes the words come from a dark place. BUT, no, I’m not not-ok. To rephrase using English grammar which is more good, I am OK. At the worse, I am drinking too much, blogging too much, and my posts are way too self-centered.

However, in my limited defense, I’ve always tried to reveal in my blogs a more personal side which is not always readily available elsewhere. My hope, as I’ve stated previously, is that by going out on that limb, readers may find that they are not alone in their feelings and predicaments, AND that it is OK to share your feelings. For every asshole that pounces on your vulnerability with hurtful comments and criticism, there are ONE THOUSAND good people like you and me.

So in conclusion, I’m gonna keep on keeping-on, and for as long as there is at least one person listening, I will keep this blog going; upward, downward, sideways… it doesn’t matter, as long as those hands reaching out across the cosmic wi-fi continue to find each other and smack electric in eternal high-fives! Peace, love, dove homies.


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