Bottom line… For a society to give up its firearms, it’s got to trust its government; and too many of our career politicians and big-money patsies have proven themselves to be anything but trustworthy. If the citizenry surrenders its guns, will the psychopaths and wanna-be mass-murderers still find ways to get guns? How about terrorists and ISIS; more of whom are sprouting up right here in our backyards with their sights set on domestic targets. Will they still have guns? Has the government and the police been effective at preventing school, church and workplace shootings? If the teachers at Columbine or Sandy Hook, or the worshippers at the Methodist Church, or the movie-goers at the Aurora theater all carried handguns, would the death-tolls have been less? Might the shooters have been deterred from even considering their missions knowing their helpless victims wouldn’t be so helpless? If the day comes when the shit is at your front door trying to break it down, and you are without a firearm, who will protect you?

I believe there are those in our government and those who control and influence our government who look upon us as nothing more than service animals whose sole purpose is to “produce and consume” within the boundaries of a system that they fabricated, so that we can support with our taxes and with our aching backs a stage upon which they alone can dance. Do you truly “feel” that your well-being is first and foremost on their agendas; that they care about your health, your equality, your happiness, your nutrition, your opportunities and your environment; or do they care only about themselves and fortifying the virtual cages they’ve created to keep each and every one of us subdued, confused, scared, tired, and most crucial of all, feeling POWERLESS? You can connect the dots from here…

Please feel free to comment, and even freer to answer the questions I’ve posed, but know that I have no intention of debating this issue. Too many good people have been zombified by today’s cultural group-think, and their minds will never be changed by anything other their own experiences, their own destiny, and perhaps a brush with danger that they never saw coming. Even after saying all of the above, I sincerely hope it is I who is wrong, and that I am the one who has been zombified from watching too much TV news and loitering too long inside my own head. Time will tell I guess.  Until then… peace, love, dove homies.


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