My Endorsement for President

I unwaveringly endorse Donald Trump for president. Unlike every other candidate, he speaks his mind unscripted, he is not bought by and beholding to special interests, and he’d rather see America become a powerful nation again than an apologetic weak link diluted in a global chain. Yeah, he fucks up big time when he speaks, but he’s being honest and spontaneous, and when he trips on his words, he explains his meaning afterwards. He doesn’t hate Mexicans. Anyone who thinks that is a puppet of our corrupted media. He explained that just as Cuba did decades ago (remember Scarface), the Mexican govt or whoever runs that country, seeks to expel many of their unwanted into our country. I have no preference or aversion to skin color or national origin. I judge people on their character, attitude and BEHAVIOR. Illegal immigration is illegal. Do you want it to be legal?  Do you want there to be no border control? Ok, then say so! Start lobbying for that. Reply to this post stating that you wish to abolish border control and our current imigration system.  I DARE YOU!  And better yet, why don’t you try sneaking over the border into another country? See what kind of amnesty and sanctuary city they give you. Trump has proven he can get things done.  The fact that he pisses people off, proves that he is not paralysed by “fear of offending” and vote mongering.  Our president and our Congress and their culvert puppeteers have proven they cannot do the tough jobs, at least, not for us and the America we remember and love. Go Donald! You’ve got my vote. You want hope and change, homies?  Well finally, you may have a chance.  Peace, love, dove!


4 thoughts on “My Endorsement for President

  1. Oh, he would be SO much fun to destroy in the general election! He’s like a sitcom character, one who always says whatever he’s thinking, all of it outrageous. But I fear the GOP establishment would never permit it, and if he runs third party, he would guarantee a victory for the Dems.

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