Planned Parenthood

I’ve always been a little different, a little odd some might say. I’ve never accepted at face-value the beliefs of others, no matter how ubiquitous and aggressively imposed, without first putting them through my own litmus tests of logical analysis and a gut check that they indeed merge seamlessly into the current of the cosmos. This pathology was somewhat challenging during my Catholic upbringing along with my cultural rite of passage filled with bullies, bigots, and stereotypes, but no one ever said that being yourself would be easy.

In fact nothing in today’s crazy world scares me more than an emotional mob pouncing on an individual for refusing to believe as they do. While I agree that abusing someone physically, sexually, mentally or financially warrants retribution, calling someone a “hater” because they don’t subscribe to your ideology or general opinion of things is a cheap below-the-belt shot delivered by lazy followers who can’t put down their cell phone long enough to form an original thought. They are the angry villagers carrying torches who will lynch the undesirable only to later find out they killed the wrong man.

I have a couple of daughters. I was also young once and lived in the times of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. I never discussed these things with my parents. I seriously doubt that most young women today, including teenagers, would freely discuss such topics with their parents either, although I’m sure that some do.

Based on their statistics for 2012, Planned Parenthood provided care to 4.5 million women and men for STD prevention and treatment, 3.7 million women and men for contraception, 1.1 million women for cancer screening and prevention, 1.2 million women for pregnancy tests and prenatal care, and finally, they performed 327 thousand abortions, all of which I assume were at the discretion of the mother.

I think the issue of selling fetal body-parts is subordinate to the question, when does life begin? Personally, I’ve processed this question for myself and have arrived at a belief which works for me, and which I’ve posted about in the past. I believe my body is a vehicle, a rental car; mine to drive and maintain until my visit to this life is finished. I believe that the driver of my rental car is my soul, also known as “me”. I believe that this is by supreme design. I also believe that throughout our universe there are patterns which repeat at multitudes of different levels, and these patterns are clues to the composition of existence. The hugest planets orbit gigantic stars, and the tiniest electrons orbit their atom’s nucleus. So as ridiculous as this will sound to many, a man waits for a car to become available, and a soul waits for a body to become available. (By the way, I just heard someone in the mob shout out, “He’s comparing a baby to a car! Get him!!!”)

When would the supreme creator deem it practical to have the next available soul take possession of the body? When it is two months in development and prone to all kinds of risks that would prevent its birth? I don’t think so. I mean, I think the supreme creator would be smarter than that. Would a driver want to take possession of a vehicle when it’s still on the assembly line, even though some of that car is already functional having seats, headlights and a radio? The answer is No, because with just seats and headlights, that car wouldn’t survive on the New Jersey Turnpike.

I believe that the soul enters the fetus at the point where the fetus is developed enough to be born and survive as a baby. Science and history shows us that babies born prior to 23 weeks are unlikely to survive, so let’s use four months as a cut-off. My belief then, is this. Prior to the time of independent survival, a developing fetus, or “life vehicle”, is unoccupied; it has not yet been granted a soul, or driver.

If your 16-year-old daughter came to you and confided, “Mommy, Daddy, I’m one month pregnant. I’m so sorry and this is killing me, but I want to get an abortion”, what would you do? Would you make her carry the baby to term, and then make your daughter give him or her up for adoption? Would you make your daughter keep and raise her baby? Would you keep your daughter’s baby and care for and raise him yourself. Or would you let your daughter make her own choice and support her as she aborts her one-month old fetus? The deciding question for me in this particular scenario is which of these choices will have the most damaging and lasting psychological impact on my daughter?  By the way, I suppose our daughters would wrestle with these very same questions, as they attempt to predict our reaction and thus decide whether or not to confide in us at all.

In closing, I support a woman’s right to choose. I always have. I don’t know the details surrounding the fetal body parts issue, but suffice to say, if Planned Parenthood is performing or advocating abortions beyond four months, I’m generally not OK with it except under rare circumstances where a child if born would live a life of hell and the causal malady isn’t discovered until the 5th or 6th month. In such (hopefully) rare cases, it’s still the mother’s choice. Nor am I ok with it, if the buyers of these fetal parts are using them for commercial gain and not for medical research aimed at curing diseases and ultimately preserving life.

We can probably all agree that this is a thorny subject. Unfortunately, that mob outside my window is growing and beginning to light their torches. Gotta run! Peace, love, dove homies.


2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood

  1. I agree. No one knows the circumstances that move a woman to abort. Im not in favor of late term abortions. That fetus can be a viable human. But who am i to judge. I know i couldn’t do it. But again there could ne mitigating circumstances. I would not want my young teenage daughter to give birth. Im not raising a grandchild and i think a teen is not equipped mentally physically or financially to have a child. I do not think government or anyone other than me has the right to dictate my body
    Nope. And you know what? Most abortions are done to middle class girls. And uncle sam doesn’t pay. Rather we pay for their kids…the ones on pub assistance who have them instead of aborting.

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