I Hear Dead People

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Many will find this post provocative; at least that is my hope. My message is that tolerance and color-blindness is a two-way street, and not everything is as it appears in the media. Those who know me, know that I am quite socially liberal; however being socially liberal cannot be at the expense of other people’s freedoms of choice, speech or thought.  Our liberties should be used to shine a light but never to hurt others physically, psychologically or financially. Somewhere along the road in this hyper-sensitive, easily offended society, we seem to have lost the freedom to disagree, else be branded a hater or a racist or a Republican, haha. Lastly, the quoted passages are not necessarily exact quotes, but the paraphrasing of what these individuals represent to me. To those who ask what are my qualifications to write such a post, I proudly respond, I am generally ignorant and highly opinionated. B.M.


When you hear John Kerry say, “The Iran nuclear deal is the best deal possible”,

I hear the Ayatollah chant “Death to America” and “Thank-you for lifting the sanctions, so we can now fund our nuclear program”. And I hear his religious zealots say, “Hey stupid, do you still not get the fact that we are martyrs?!?!?! Self-destruction as a nuclear deterrent NO LONGER APPLIES!!!!”

When you hear gay activists say “You are haters, because you won’t participate in my marriage due to your religious or moral beliefs”,

I hear them say, “We preach tolerance as long as you believe as we believe!”

When you hear Hilary Clinton say, “We must tighten our gun control laws”,

I hear Adolf Hitler say, “We need law and order. We must have law and order!”

When you hear Obama say, “We still have a long way to go in race relations” whenever a black person is killed, but generally remains silent when a white, Asian or Hispanic person or a cop is killed,

I hear him say, “I hate white America”.

When you hear Al Sharpton and others say, “Justice for Michael Brown”, and when you are asked to identify your race whenever you fill out a college application, a job application, a medical form, or virtually any other institutionalized form,

I hear the shadowed devils that control our government and our world say, “We MUST perpetuate racism. We must keep the people fighting each other; else they may rise up and fight us!”

When you hear the perpetrated activists in Black Lives Matter chanting, “Dead cops!” and “Fry ‘em with bacon!”,

I again hear the shadowed devils say, “Yes, that’s right. Keep it up! It’s just a matter of time until we’ll have no choice but to federalize the police force. Yep, we’ll have the police, we’ll get your guns, and then we’ll come for you.”

When you hear someone call another person a racist,

I hear a racist doing the name-calling.

When you and a million ten-year-olds see the pornographic circus called the MTV Video Awards, with Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus and virtually every other performer simulating sex acts,

I see one more log in the fire that chars our culture and scars the values and morals of our future adults, and I shed a tear for the decline of music, art and sanity; and the advent of yet another wave of youngsters hosting a plethora of emotional disorders.

But wait, IT IS NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM. Kanye West is going to run for president in 2020, and Kim Kardashian will be the first lady. Thank God our kids have role models! I guess in the end, we only have ourselves to thank for the America we passively allow to be shaped by those with the loudest voices, the deepest pockets, and the least integrity. Peace, love, dove homies.


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