The World Needed Today

Thank you Pope Francis for saying the words that most of us in this world have been starving to hear for so long. By way of your pragmatic address to the world from a U.N. podium and via your interfaith prayer service at Ground Zero, you have achieved what our leaders of countries and corporations will not, cannot, or do not. You have articulated what is in the hearts of the overwhelming majority of the people of our planet; an energy that if harnessed could shatter the paradigm that good people are powerless and topple the establishments of power, greed and evil.

Me personally, I was left humbled and ashamed; but I also felt resurrected by optimism, hope and that overdue reminder that we are not our governments; we are not the media; and we are not the evil slime that comprises 1% of the population yet gets 99% of the attention. WE ARE THE PEOPLE, AND WE HAVE THE POWER!  All we need now is the courage.

In a way, I pity many of our leaders and several of our presidential candidates, for I believe that at this very moment millions of us across the planet are comparing them and their message to Pope Francis; and need I say, in some cases, that contrast is as stark as good versus evil. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the Pope’s message. You just have to be a fundamentally good person. May we all continue to see the world as a country and Pope Francis as our President. Peace, love, dove homies.


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