Suppose throughout your entire life you have never watched TV, listened to the news or mainlined on social media. Suppose the words and concepts of black/white, liberal/conservative, Christian/Muslim, gay/straight and democrat/republican are never introduced to you. Suppose your sole method for judging people is face-to-face encounters with individuals who cross your path as you peacefully live your life. Suppose your opinions of others are based on their behavior, integrity and kindness and not on categorizations created and proliferated by anonymous sources of dubious intent.

Suppose like an unspoiled mind awakening from a life-long coma, you get into your car without fear, prejudice or presumption, and you embark upon a road-trip across and throughout this beautiful country; a blank page awaiting the story which onto it will be written. On the road to find out, as Cat Stevens once sang.

When you finish your journey, will you view the world differently than you do now?

Now suppose you look in your rearview mirror, and you see a billion more just like you.

Peace, love, dove homies.


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