I’ve been trying wrap my head around this culture-defining phenomenon of needing to photograph and post a visual diary of ourselves and our daily activities, as we present to the world an ever-evolving portrait of our lives.

I’m not only referring to the proliferation of snapping one’s own face with a cell phone, but the chronicling of the meals we eat, the places we go, the weather that day, and the quotations that have personal meaning and communicate a little more about who we are on the inside.

Back in my youth and young adult life, we had cameras of course, but not the ubiquitous technology of today. We didn’t need or want that technology, and no one was trying to sell it to us, or make us think we would be handicapped without it. We were taught to believe that human life was the MOST SACRED thing on earth, and if we ever violated it, we’d be damned to hell. We believed, or perhaps were bamboozled into believing, that our neighbors, peers, friends and fellow citizens all felt the same way, so therefore, we felt unified, protected, empowered and somehow safe.

Today, it seems to me that we believe, or again have been bamboozled into believing, that the value of human-life has been marginalized. The media feeds us a daily diet of murder, mayhem and war. Entertainment sensationalizes killing, religious knuckleheads slaughter in the name of their god, and it feels like you can’t go to college without expecting at least one school shooting in between keg parties and maybe attending a class or two.

So perhaps, we, the cultural psyche of today, combat this devaluation of human life by photographing, posting and chronicling ourselves in an effort to reach out into that fearsome abyss and shout “I am here, my life matters, and I will not be marginalized!” Or then again, maybe the ass-holes at Apple and Facebook just wanna make a trillion dollars. Either way homies, human life IS sacred, and that includes all of ours!!! Peace, love, dove, and don’t forget to say “cheese”!


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