A Brief Plea for Sanity

To all of you politicians out there regardless of party, don’t tell me what you’re going to do. Tell me HOW you’re going to do it.

C’mon people, grow up. This isn’t political science class, or some “let’s reinvent America” sit-in. This is Putin on the verge of accidentally or purposely shooting down an American jet over Syria. This is the Ayatollah in Iran launching a nuke at Israel, or some religious inbreed blowing up a dirty bomb in an American city. This is ISIS or China hacking into our computer-controlled infrastructure.

If and when the shit hits the fan, your ideologies won’t be worth the cost of your over-priced educations. Your only hope will be the strength of your LEADERS. If any of the aforementioned events were to actually happen, which of the candidates for president do you feel would be level-headed, innovative, experienced and tough enough to save your ass?

Sleep tight homies.


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