Benghazi Is Not a Joke

Hilary has been on the stump saying that the Benghazi House Committee’s investigation is politically motivated, and the propaganda arm of her amoral political party broadcasts it on cable and social media news, like Yahoo news, in a way that implies she’s correct. I suspect Hilary is actually very scared right now.

Dear friends and readers, I do not think you are stupid, but apparently Hilary does. Do you feel that it is important to maintain a SECURE server for emails that deal with the security of our country and OUR SAFETLY? Hilary obviously did not think our safety was important, and now she has the arrogance to joke about it, and the narcissistic presumptiveness to think she can push our buttons and trick us into electing her president.


Ambassador Chris Stevens from the Benghazi Embassy emails Hilary for weeks, maybe months, alerting her to the weak security and their high vulnerability at their diplomatic compound. Hilary apparently does little or nothing.

Russia or some other America-hating country hacks Hilary’s unsecure email-server and learns of the Benghazi vulnerability. The “hacking government” alerts their friend Iran or some other sponsor of Mideast Islamic terrorism, and the idea to attack the Benghazi Embassy is born.

On the night of the attack, Ambassador Stevens and three others fend off the terrorists for over eight hours during which they call the State Department for help. HELP, WE ARE DYING HERE!!! They receive no help, and eventually burn to death.

Where was Hilary, your Secretary of State, during this night of horror? What leadership did she give and what control did she take to attempt to save the lives of these people who apparently were kicked under the bus by the country they loved and served? Hilary realizes she messed up big time and perpetrates a cover-story that the embassy was attacked in response to some video that offended Mohammad. If not Hilary, then who? If I recall, Obama was out stumping in Las Vegas that night.

Perhaps it eventually dawns on Hilary that sensitive emails on her personal server may have divulged the vulnerability of the Benghazi embassy to our enemies and thus targeted them for destruction. The clean-up, evasion, and cover-up of her email-server begins. The FBI investigation begins. Obama states on 20/20 that he doesn’t think her unsecure server posed any security risk. Huh? Why would you even say that Barrack? Now there’s a question worth pondering.

I am not suggesting, nor can I prove, that the above scenario ever happened. But the fall of the embassy and the slow death of our four Americans did happen, and it happened on Hilary’s watch. What will happen on her watch should she become President? Hilary trivializes Benghazi and tries to deflect our attention by fabricating subterfuges and ulterior motives for the hearings, like a political sociopath to whom I would never entrust the lives of my children. I suggest that she screams “What difference does it make!” in a desperate attempt to hide her guilt. If your son burned in Benghazi, wouldn’t you want to know what role their leader, their boss, their protector, played in events preceding, during, and following?

If you feel that the truth about Benghazi and Hilary’s involvement should be brushed under the rug, then what kind of a person ARE YOU? And while we are on the subject, can you or anyone PROVE that the scenario I hypothesized did NOT happen? If you can’t prove that it did not happen, then what is so wrong about getting to the truth??? Who fears the truth and why? Answer that. Peace, love, dove homies.


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