A Plea to Muslims in America

The time has come for you to speak out publicly against the horrific atrocities being committed by Muslims around the world. I suspect I am one of a silent majority of Americans who are reaching a boiling point, the explosion of which will change the game forever. My plea to you is to help us understand the good side of Islam before the insanity becomes irreversible.

My idealistic young friends assure me that Islam is a religion of peace. We, the silent Americans, only know what we see in our neighborhoods and what the news media shows and tells us. Perhaps we are ignorant, but in the absence of evidence to the contrary and your public condemnation of the barbarism, what conclusion would you expect us to reach? For all we know, if you are not condemning their actions, you are supporting them.

Our hearts were broken by the news of Muslims kidnapping young girls, castrating women’s clitorises, and forcing family members to rape each other in Africa. Our minds were horrified watching Muslims burn and decapitate screaming people time and time again. We watched in disbelief the videos of 5-year-old Muslim children spouting hatefully to kill the infidels, or blood gushing out of the head of a young woman as she is stoned to death before our eyes by a gang of men because she supposedly committed adultery. We gasped and cried as Muslims killed nearly 3,000 of our neighbors in the heinous destruction of our World Trade Center. We are saturated on a daily basis with news of suicide bombings, public shootings, and the destruction of trains, buses, planes and buildings; all committed by Muslims. But our resolve was galvanized last Friday night as, like monsters clubbing baby seals, Muslims brutally executed a hundred unarmed, innocent Parisians in a night club. To those of you who will surely accuse me of being a hater for writing this, I incredulously respond, “REALLY???? That is what you are taking away from this post?”

Paris was targeted because of France’s policies intended to preserve their culture which included banning Muslims from praying in the streets. Really, was that a reason for such a murderous rampage? You don’t get your way in a country you emigrate to, so you kill them? I always thought that religion should be observed in one’s home or in one’s church. Personally, I don’t want to listen to your call to prayer! Nor do I want to watch you wash your feet or rinse out your nose in our public bathrooms. Do you want to hear the reading of the Catholic Rosary broadcasted over loud-speakers on your street? How about if we line up for Communion outside your front door? We the silent Americans sat back as our Ten Commandments were removed from public display. We did not lash out and kill hundreds. It appears that Muslims would rather Islamify their host country’s culture than accept and respect it. This gets particularly worrisome in enclaves practicing Sharia law.

America’s culture, government and psyche have been infiltrated, and our personal liberties and freedoms are under attack. Taking measures to preserve our culture is called intolerance. Discussing what we fear and perceive as threats is called hate speech. Our Muslim-centric president is more focused on taking our guns away than stopping the ISIS threat. Why is that? Suppose it was you, the anti-gun activists, in that Parisian night club? Would you still feel the same way about disarming America? If you could wave a magic wand, turn back the clock, and provide guns to those people in that night club, would you do it? France has the strictest anti-gun laws, yet all the bad guys had automatic weapons. The bad guys will ALWAYS have guns. What will you do when the murderers are in your back yard?

So once again, Muslims of America, I ask you. Do you condemn the murder and mayhem committed by your Islamic brothers and sisters? Are you willing to assimilate into our American culture, or do you plan to continue to occupy and convert towns like you’ve done in the Hamtramck Detroit where you now control the city council? If the Islamic jihadists invade America, which side will you support and fight for?

It is time for you to speak out. We are listening.


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