18 Reasons Why America is at Risk

I sometimes feel our country is headed toward cultural destruction. We all see the craziness on the nightly news, but are we mindful of the underlying causes that divide, desensitize and disintegrate us as a people?

This morning as I ate my honey-nut cheerios, I jotted down in no particular order what I see as problems. I may be wrong. Maybe it’s just the inside of my head that’s imploding.  You be the judge.  I’d love to know what you think.

1. Too many people are anchored to their possessions.
2. Too many people live in fear of death.
3. Too many people will slander you into silence rather than expose their fragile beliefs to a fearful reality.
4. Too many people have been muzzled by political correctness.
5. Too many people have lost their humanity in pursuit of wealth and power.
6. Too many people have been zombified by the unrelenting messaging of cable TV, advertising, peer pressure, manipulative religions, over-reaching governments, and powers without souls.
7. Too many people look upon strangers as threats instead of potential friends and allies.
8. Too many people have been infiltrated by demonizing ideologies and religious colonization.
9. Too many people are trying to disarm the public of their speech and their ability to defend themselves.
10. Too many people live vicariously in symbolic worlds of cell phones and social media.
11. Too many people have been desensitized to violence, sex, meaningful conversation, and solitary introspection.
12. Too many people believe this life is all there is.
13. Too many people don’t love or like themselves.
14. Too many people seek to control other people.
15. Too many people starve for compassion yet go ignored.
16. Too many people are time poor, run down and self-absorbed.
17. Too many people do not practice kindness.
18. Too many people fail to see that they hold the power, and they are the solution.


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