The Popular Vote

The Homie Perspective

On a very dark night, Mayor Wrong, the sinister power-lusting mayor of Small Town, stealthily snuck outside and dug a gigantic hole, eight feet deep, on the east side of town. Soon the East Side residents began to fall into the hole, until the entire East Side population, 51% of Small Town, was in the hole.

“We have to climb out!” proclaimed one resident.

“Yes!” agreed another. “The West Siders are all working and travelling and enjoying their lives, and we’re stuck here. Yes, let’s climb out!”

Mayor Wrong loomed overhead, looking down from the edge of the hole. “People of the East Side,” he began. “I came as soon as I heard you were stuck in this hole. I’ve consulted my administration, and I regret to tell you that you will not be able to climb out on your own and must rely on me and my team to…

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