The Mortal Conflict

Are you going to “house break” that dog?  Will you cage that bird?  Will you “break” that bucking bronco?  Will you corral those cows?  Will you tame that lion?  Will you civilize those people?


Will you outlaw those lovers?  Will you jail those law-breakers?  Will you slander those speakers?  Will you corral the free?

Loving, touching, smiling, hugging, singing, dancing, dreaming, creating, helping, caring, believing, doing, flying.. fearless… free. That is our spirit; the inhabitant of our bodies and brains; the natural life-force that pilots us, its earthly rental car.

There was a reason why the human spirit was paired with the human body. Back then, I’m sure the hand slipped effortlessly into the velvet glove. Where the spirit flew, the body followed; NOT the other way around. Today, what has happened? It is our brains, beliefs, egos, and fears that drive our bodies and minds. Where the spirit NEEDS to go, the body cannot, does not, follow. Our spirit is an amazing gift. It’s the answer to the world’s problems, not to mention our own, right there inside of us, dying to lead us back to enlightenment. But instead of flying, it withers away like a neglected animal left in a cage to starve; trapped And hence sets the stage for the mortal conflict; the deep root of everything bad.

Our spirit has been “house broken”, as our minds and bodies have been subdued and commandeered. Our brains and bodies have been sickened by centuries of lies and fears, and our spirit by its very nature will do anything to repair its “rental car” otherwise break free; even if it means killing its host. Our spirit is love, and love cannot allow itself to rot in a cage and die.

Our brains are fear. Our spirit is love. Both want to drive, but only one can. Only ONE is meant to.

Imagine a society where strangers are assumed to be friends, and not enemies. Where people smile and embrace and help each other freely. Where people in stores and subways don’t stare down at their feet or cell phones with lifeless expressions. Where love and sex are natural and not sinful or meant to be hidden.

Where no one judges and no one is judged.
Where no one controls and no one is controlled.
Where no one hurts and no one is hurt.

Where today’s objects of desire are devalued, and instead the motivations of greed, power, and corruption wither in a cage, while our spirit thrives and even dares again to fly.

An impossible vision? I say, where the spirit is caged, the body will die. The spirit must fly free to thrive in its natural state of love and happiness. If the body/brain prevents this, via fear, suppression or brain-washing, the spirit will do WHATEVER it needs to loosen the body’s grasp in an effort of self-preservation. This could include drugs, alcohol, mental duress, obsessions with material goods, power and money; all things that simulate spiritual nourishment, while in the process destroy the body and mind.

Consider a day in a life. An exhausted person forces himself out of bed to go to work. He commutes on highways of hostility. He spends the day among co-workers with suppressed spirits and ambitious agendas, which they need to pursue money and status as placebo substitutes for a healthy spirit. He remembers his upbringing and the many things he was taught were wrong but never felt wrong, and the things he was told were right but didn’t feel quite natural. He watches television at night and is fed a mental diet of insanity which he accepts as “normal”. And he does this day after day after day, as his spirit chokes for breath. He eventually becomes convinced that the nightmare of his personal reality MUST be the entire world’s reality.

Who benefits from this kind of existence? Certainly not the man in the story. We have been told all of our lives what is permissible to say, to think, to wear, to believe, to love, to do, to preach; negative messaging which is in direct mortal conflict which our natural spirit, and we see the results all around us. The perverse beauty of this messaging is that the messengers have so honed their art, that most people don’t even realize they are being played. Not only do they believe it, but thanks to our lovely new technologies, they proliferate it like wild fire.

SO WHAT CAN WE DO? I can think of a few things.

For starters, we can stop being afraid. We can message ourselves daily, “I am not afraid”, and soon we will believe it.

Next, let’s start a different wild fire. Now that we’re not so afraid anymore, let’s start smiling at people and saying hello to strangers who intersect our lives in the course of our days. We do this not only to nourish our spirit, but in a small way to help our brothers and sisters begin to see that the world is not so scary. How did you feel the last time someone smiled at you and said hello?

Lastly, perform a random act of kindness every day. Compliment someone. Remind them that you love them. Put a dollar in a tip jar. Use your turn signal on the highway and wait for someone to let you into traffic instead of cutting them off. Hold the door open for someone. Give someone more needy your seat on the subway or bus.

I truly believe these subtle changes in behaviors and beliefs will feed your spirit and perhaps incite others to do the same. Just as a suppressed immune-system leads to sickness of the body, a suppressed spirit leads to sickness of the world. In closing, may we be not afraid, may we smile, and may we be kind. Peace, love, dove homies.


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