Trump… a racist?

I take pride in evolving (a popular word these days…) my position and opinion in response to new facts and evidence. In fact, I often wish I had been wise enough to have refrained from holding foundationless opinions to begin with. But I guess that’s why they are called opinions.

These days, opinions spread like a lit match in a field of straw on the driest day of the year. They take on a life of their own, and like the “telephone game”, their origins get lost and distorted.  After all, it’s a lot easier to rampage with your peers than it is to stand alone for the truth; especially these days when the mobs can so easily shut you down thanks to the social media we have all naively validated as gospel.  No need, time or interest to debate on a cerebral level when emotional volatility makes for such better optics.  Be very wary when pressured to surf the opinion landslide, for it just may be you who gets buried beneath.

I am willing to evolve my opinion of Donald Trump, and I reach out to the “Trump haters” to provide me the evidence I need. I believe that Trump is NOT a racist, and I invite you to convince me otherwise.

If you would be so kind, please comment to this blog/post with EXACT quotes of Trump spewing racism followed by the date and place when and where he made those EXACT quotes. These should be very clear examples of HATRED for people due to their race. They should NOT be quotes that you INFERRED were racist, or that your peer group tells you are racist, or that were purposely taken out of context. I’m willing to change, so change me. Please don’t send links and videos; I’ll research those on my own once I get your quotes.  If… I get your quotes.

Lastly, since we’re probing for truth here, I would suggest to you that your time and passions would be better served, if you were to detach from your emotions for a moment, and ponder this question.  Why are such an overwhelming number of Americans supporting for President someone who is seemingly unpresidential in so many ways?  I’ll give you a hint, they are NOT stupid, and they are NOT racist.  Figure this one out, and you may begin to evolve YOUR opinions.

Peace, love, dove homies.


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