Rise and Shine

Back when I swam the waters of the corporate ocean, if a department became demoralized, we would do something about it; a team building exercise, a seminar, a dinner, or an open meeting where everyone could air it out. I sense that America is demoralized. I think that many people believe our future will be worse than our present, so they think “What’s the point?” I think maybe we need a team meeting to boost morale. I think we, as individuals, need to take our power back.

Many of us are frustrated and feel like we don’t have a voice, so we lash out at whatever’s in striking distance. I think this morale malaise affects the motivation and quality of everything we produce as a society from the levels of service provided to the attitudes of those providing it to the quality of production overall. I think a lot of people in the workforce are just “phoning it in”, because they feel unrecognized, uninspired, underappreciated and powerless in the face of work-place politics. Perhaps they suffer from a growing stressfulness brought on by being surrounded by people who feel the same way they do. Who carries the sunshine into the workplace these days? Who carries the sunshine into your life?

Actually, people ARE listening. Friends, family, coworkers, clergy, neighbors are listening. Even several of the “good guys” (and gals) in government are listening. But the important question is, “Are we listening to ourselves?”  Are we ready to rely on ourselves for our happiness?

I think it’s time we take our power back. I think it’s time for America to have a morale booster.  I’m not talking about a revolution. I’m not even talking about curing diseases or fixing corruption or resolving conflicts that have been with us forever. That may come in due time. I’m talking about the power we each have and have had this whole time; the power over the way we think and the way we feel. If we think that the future will be worse than the present; if we as a society embrace one big suicidal group-think, then the future will become just what we make it. I’m talking about carrying our own sunshine.

The problems in the world are daunting, but many are fixable. But how can we expect to fix them if we don’t “show up” one-hundred-percent? It’s time we take back our power. It’s time we look into the eyes of the corrupt politicians and ISIS and the back stabbers and the heartless and say, “You’ve failed. You’ve tried to take my spirit, but now I’m taking it back! You are not me, and you will NEVER control me.” The team-building and morale-boosting of America starts with us, the people, and how we allow ourselves to think and feel.  That’s our launch pad.  The rest will follow.

Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps everybody is happy-go-lucky, and I’m just the odd man out.  Either way, I’m taking my power back.


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