Jaws: The Real Thing

The part of Sheriff Brody was played by you and me; honest people who recognize right from wrong and sincerely try to do the right thing.

The part of Mayor Vaughn, the contract politician who craved power and wealth even if it meant the lives of innocent vacationers, was played by Hilary Clinton.

The part of the human fish-bait who reluctantly jumped back into the ocean knowing it was shark infested were played by those American citizens who continue to drink the Kool-Aid.

The part of Quint, the deplorable, sexist and hated outsider acknowledged to be the only person courageous and skillful enough to kill the shark, was played by Donald Trump.

The part of the shark was played by political correctness, hijacked news networks, indoctrinated youth, and corrupt government.

The part of Steven Spielberg, the master puppeteer who made this immense fictitious stage-play seem frighteningly real, was played by George Soros.

And finally, in case you’ve forgotten; in the end… it was Sheriff Brody who killed the shark. Peace, love, dove homies.


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