Put Down That Knife and Have a Toke

I found myself wondering what makes some people righteous and others murderous. How can some lie and steal and kill without conscience, when the rest of can’t even cheat at cards? Before detonating a suicide vest, why doesn’t a fanatical jihadist freeze, look into his soul, and realize, “This is wrong”? I think a big factor is beliefs and the early-in-life implanting of those beliefs, which includes cultural conditioning and religious indoctrination. I may not be a practicing Catholic anymore, but “Thou shall not kill” and “Thou shall not steal” and the thought of a painful afterlife if I do, have been forever installed in my belief system. Now let’s talk about pot, shall we…

I believe (there’s that word again…) that pot affects different people in different ways. Back in “the day” when I was known to toke a bit, I found that pot tended to strip away cultural and social conditioning and biases from my perception of society, life and reality at large. We operated on a level that seemed pure, uncluttered and real, like peering through a windshield suddenly cleared of squashed bugs, road dust and bird shit.

I vaguely remember some ten or twenty years ago watching a documentary on jihadist training camps in one of those unfortunate countries like Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen or Iran. Young pre-school kids were seated in a classroom with a teacher’s desk and a blackboard up front that looked just like the classroom where your kids went to elementary school. The lesson that day for those kids was to color a picture called “the blood of the infidel”. It looked like a page from a normal coloring book, except for the fact that a dead man was lying on the ground with a pool of blood surrounding his head. The kids were all busy coloring the puddle RED.

Those kids are grown up now, and they probably believe that killing infidels is as good and sacred as I believe that thou should not kill. How do we reverse such indoctrination?

While we’re waiting for good people, courageous people, and smart people to step up and solve this ideology problem, I have a suggestion, and yes, I’m actually serious. In addition to whatever else the world coalition is doing to stop ISIS, let’s also try this. Let’s hack into their food sources and lace all of them with marijuana. Let’s align with the non-jihadist locals who bake the bread and make the soup, and provide them with the magic ingredients. Or, let’s find the spice and ingredient barrels and put the pot directly in those. Devout Islamists don’t drink or toke the herb, so who knows; this might just have a mind-altering effect? Perhaps when the next Islamic fanatic is about to hack someone’s head from their body, he may suddenly stop and utter, “Wow… This isn’t a coloring book.” Who knows… Peace, love, dove homies.


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