The Metastasis of Corruption

The worst thing about corruption is that it destroys trust, and without trust there can be no human collaboration. Good things won’t get done, and wrong things will not be righted. Once the corruption is exposed and recognized by all, and the public servants we’ve entrusted to correct it have in fact revealed themselves to be the nucleus of the evil, political survival will degrade to anarchy and ultimately to a cleansing of the dirt. In the end, if we are lucky, perhaps we may finally achieve Abe Lincoln’s vision of a government OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people.

Via WikiLeaks, FBI documents, and our own unclouded common sense, we’ve learned that political parties and presidential candidates are guilty of crimes of treason, collusion and election tampering. We’ve watched incredulously as our Attorney General who reports to our President pressured the FBI to back off of investigating this heinously corrupt situation. What incentive does our president and our attorney general give us, the backbone of this country, to obey the laws ourselves, when they demonstrate such blatant abuse?

A multi-billionaire, who we’ll refer to as Serge Jorose, has visions of denationalizing the United States in favor of a single global government which he will greatly influence. In his quest to do so, he has launched internationally dozens of so-called “charitable” tax-exempt 501c3 organizations which do his bidding politically including inciting violence, controlling media outlets, influencing university ideologies, and proliferating racism to keep the people divided. He has skillfully and in plain sight hijacked much of our political system. They work for him now, not for you.

Preposterous you say? Well, how many of you would have believed that the debates were rigged, until you saw the proof of Donna Brazile giving questions in advance to Hilary, or John Harwood asking the DNC what kind of questions he should ask Jeb Bush. I don’t want to believe it either, but like a gory traffic accident, it’s right there in front of our eyes.

I believe that Serge Jorose (and perhaps others?) operates what amounts to a criminal syndicate consisting of members of the executive branch, the Democrat Party, media outlets, and dozens of 501c3 organizations. Their objectives are to unsecure our borders, intensify government dependence, centralize healthcare and law enforcement, undermine the Constitution of the United States, and ultimately transition governmental control to the United Nations. Without getting too deep into the weeds, one can conclude that several steps must happen along the way. The Democratic Party MUST remain in power, the people MUST be disarmed, and the Supreme Court MUST act on behalf of the syndicate.

Why do I believe all of this? Because corruption is like a cancer, and it has destroyed my trust.

Besides the obvious, how else does corruption stop good things from getting done? Consider the example of global warming. While the science is disputed, the ice is indeed melting. Did we as humans cause it, and can we as humans prevent it? I don’t know, but I believe it is corruption preventing consensus. Consider the following actions and reactions.

After a meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton, our attorney general recluses herself from indicting Hilary and throws James Comey under the bus instead. I believe her meeting with Bill was staged to provide a plausible reason for her to recluse herself, so that she could quietly and discreetly continue to focus on transitioning control to the United Nations beginning with the Strong Cities Network, a slippery slope that suggests the potential of American laws being influenced by international committee.

Meanwhile, for the last eight years, our president’s primary task, second only to centralizing healthcare, seems to have been global warming. So how does corruption impede the fight against global warming? Billions of dollars must be directed to and through the United Nations under the auspices of global warming. How can we as a violated people believe, in the face of this gut wrenching corruption, that those billions of dollars directed to the U.N. will actually be used for global warming and not for culvert activities designed to weaken the sovereignty of our nation?

Much of what I’ve written here is conjecture, my fears taking verbal form. I hope I am wrong. But there is one thing I do believe. In the end, it is not a nuclear war or a pandemic that will do us in. It is the story of the boy who cried wolf on a massive scale. This is the metastasis of corruption. Peace, love, dove homies, and please get out and vote tomorrow.


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