Politics vs Survival? Time’s Running Out

Politics vs Survival?  Time’s Running Out

Would it be prudent to temporarily shut-down all worldwide resources, monies and political pressures allocated to “climate change” and immediately redirect them to the following?

A. Stop the leakage of radioactive water/waste (over 760,000 tons to date) of the Fukushima nuclear plants.

B. Intensify scientific research aimed at neutralizing radioactivity. Eventually, weaponize this knowledge as a way to disarm nuclear bombs and warheads.

C. Conduct large-scale studies on the potential extinction-level impact that the leakage of radioactivity has and will have on the sea-life, animals and air in and around the Pacific Ocean from Japan to America’s west coast, and beyond.

D. Clean up the ocean and air, and begin the safe shutdown of ALL nuclear power plants worldwide replacing them with the agreed upon safe/clean energy substitutes. In other words, let’s put the nuclear genie back into the bottle.

If your first words are “It can’t be done”, then it won’t be done. Peace.


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