Rush Hour Breakdown

Rush Hour Breakdown

    — Commentary by Bass Manski — Share if you agree —

This ever happen to you?

You’re in your car during rush hour. You’re tired, you’re crabby, you have to go to the bathroom, and your pants are sticking to your ass. You just want to get to your destination, and chill…

You’re stopped at that legendarily long traffic light that you always dread, with at least twenty cars in front of you. Finally! The light turns green. All the cars start moving, and you are gonna make it home after all.

That is, all of the cars except the one in front of you. Huh!? Oh no, did they break down? NO! THEY’RE ON THEIR FUCKING PHONE!

You beep your horn. They look up, awoken from their moronic texting, and they start to drive.

You smile as you imagine how good it will feel to finally empty your bladder. The iPhone-zombie in front of you makes it through the light just as it turns red again. You my friend, better hope you have an empty coffee cup or water bottle in your car.


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