The New Face of Politics


— Allegory by Bass Manski —

[Preface: This story has absolutely nothing to do with race. The fact that pieces on a chess board are either black or white is purely incidental. The fact that I even have to point this out is a sad comment on the political brainwashing of our society.]

Two faceless people are playing chess. The black side of the board is trying to protect its kingdom, as the white kingdom advances from the opposite side of the board in an attempt to overthrow the black kingdom.

But in this unusual game, the black army is a nation, not a kingdom. The white pieces advance, and the black pieces defend, and soon black and white pieces are intermixed throughout the board.

The referee calls time-out, and announces that the player defending the black nation will now leave the game, and will be replaced in a few minutes by a new player who has been waiting blind-folded in a sound-proof room unknowing of what has happened up to this point.

Next, the referee replaces all of the white pieces with corresponding black pieces of equal rank. For example, the two white knights are replaced with two black knights resulting in a total of four black knights on the board. However, the newly “blackened” knights remain loyal to the white kingdom, and only the white invader knows which are which.

The new replacement player takes his seat at the game and is informed that all of the players are now black, but he is unable to tell which ones are his and which ones are infiltrators.

The referee hits the timer-clock, and it is the black nation’s move.


A Bad News Day

A Bad News Day

— Opinion by Bass Manski —

It’s a bad news, sad news day today. First the Las Vegas mass murderer, and then Tom Petty’s way-too-soon passing.

What would make someone attempt to kill hundreds of people he doesn’t even know? I could see wanting to kill this shooter. In fact, if they sold raffle tickets where the winner gets to personally “off” this bastard, I’m totally sure MILLIONS would apply.

For lack of knowing, I begin to wonder if there isn’t a devaluation of human life of late. The aetheists, the anarchists, the radicals, the elite Satanists, the powerful sociopaths, the frightened people hell-bent of social acceptance, the shallow people who mock religion, the brainwashed masses of cultist movements, the war-mongering insane, the fanatic extremists.

News-days like today are a test for the rest of us; those who believe in GOOD. We must strenghten our resolve. We must believe that the GOOD are INDEED without-a-doubt the MAJORITY. The “bad”, those who devalue life, just happen to get 90% of the media time, and believe me folks, that’s by design.

Bad things will and have always happened in life since the beginning of time. Bad things and culturally depraved things are what we see and hear most about when we turn on our TV. DON’T JUDGE LIFE THROUGH THE WINDOW OF YOUR TV OR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES.

Yesterday, for example, I worked a table at a very busy street fair. There were hundreds of people of all ages, races, cultural styles and gender identites. And you know, everyone was cool. When I turn on the news, I see life as 90% bad. When I venture out amongst the humans, I see life as 90% good. Always remember, life is mostly good. Go out and judge it for yourself, and most of all, keep the faith. We’re all being testing, and we shall now and forever prevail. Peace and love to you my friends.

America the Brave, America the Vulnerable

America the Brave, America the Vulnerable

— Editorial by Bass Manski — SHARE if you agree —

During the Obama administration, high-tower surveillance cameras were erected in NJ everywhere the eye can see. I don’t know, but I’m guessing the same thing happened in other states.

Also during that period, some horrendous tactics were taken in an attempt to pass gun control legislation that I believe was intended as a stepping stone to disarm the American citizenry.

Also during that period, a billionaire, a president and others in tow started political orgs and commandeered news outlets to bulldoze a propaganda campaign of “hate thy neighbor”, reigniting racial tensions and anti-America-culture politics for the purpose of dividing “the people”.

Also during that period, a new crop of “young adults” walked away from academia with a belief that anyone white, over 40 years old, and earning a successful living, is the result of a racist and white-privileged society. And it seems they were led to believe that these establishment devils would never listen to anything they had to say; thus they must agitate, demonstrate, scream, threaten, disrupt and riot. The conundrum, for me anyway, is that the academic handlers espousing this “advice” must have known all along that the perfect recipe to close someone’s ears and shut down constructive dialogue is to agitate, demonstrate, scream, threaten, disrupt and riot.

And finally during that period, the ugly truth of the existence of an institutional pedophile network that harvests our children was exposed via John Podesta’s emails that were leaked by Seth Rich (NOT the Russians) to WikiLeaks. Seth was murdered shortly afterwards. Laura Silsby was also arrested during that period for attempting to smuggle 33 children out of Haiti, many who had parents. Her lawyer (who was previously arrested for child trafficking) along with Bill and Hilary Clinton intervened on Silsby’s behalf. Monica Petersen, an Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, was murdered while investigating the ties between this attempted abduction and the Clinton Foundation. Over 30 people with ties to Hilary and the foundation died “suspiciously” during Obama’s terms; many of whom were getting ready to testify against the Clintons.

The question is why would someone(s) perpetrate these things? What is their end game?



— Prose by Bass Manski —

As the creaky, squeaky lid of Dracula’s coffin inches open in that wonderful 1930’s movie, and a silver sliver of sunlight falls upon and destroys the monster within, so do the delicate fingers of dawn wedge themselves beneath the dark shade of night and gently but unrelentingly lift and lift until the darkness is in full retreat, and with it our fears, worries and self-doubts that only the night can harbor.

My eyes look to the east and surrender to the florescence of Creamsicle orange and bubblegum pink and shades of peach as soft as talcum powder.  I am enveloped in the birth of this new day, and I feel resurrected by its gifts of renewed hope and endless possibilities.



— Opinion by Bass Manski — SHARE if you agree —

Erase America’s history and you erase America’s identity.

Erase America’s identity and it’s no longer America.

The cable TV channel “VICE” has tweeted that Mount Rushmore should be blown up.

Others are advocating destroying statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. A statue of Abraham Lincoln was torched the other day. Is anyone getting this???

For starters, those who support this behavior are a threat to my country and thus a threat to me, my family and my friends. They are stirring an ocean of nitroglycerin upon which they themselves swim. Anyone who advocates erasing George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln from our history is complicit in the undoing of the world’s greatest country.

There are two parties in America now: Pro-America and Anti-America. Perhaps it’s time for the Anti-Americans to relocate to a country that unlike America is saintly and pristine like North Korea, or Saudi Arabia, or Venezuela, or the de-nationalized states of Europe now under EU law and under regular terrorist attack.

The silent leader and primary funder of the Anti-America movement is George Soros whose “political non-profits” incite most of the violence and fascism (suppression of speech and ideas) that we see on TV today. He manipulates internal affairs of the United States and financial markets in order to enrich his non-SEC-compliant hedge fund and to advance his alt-left globalist/Marxist agenda. SOROS AND HIS SUBVERSIVE ORGANIZATIONS SHOULD BE EXPELLED FROM AMERICA as they have from several other countries. Cut off the head of the snake, and the violence and insanity will begin to subside.

I leave you with a quote from his book, The Age of Fallibility.

“The main obstacle to a stable and just WORLD ORDER is the United States. …. I am convinced it is true. The United States continues to set the agenda for the world in spite of its loss of influence since 9/11…”
– The Age of Fallibility, page 166, by George Soros



— Editorial by Bass Manski —

A couple of people dear to me said my posts on Charlottesville were anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.  Besides being the furthest thing from the truth, I am disappointed that as a writer I failed to make my point.  I am also hurt, because these folks have known me for years outside of FB.

When I analyze a “news” event, I try to look beyond the quagmire of emotional trigger-points that so many of us get stuck in, often as intended by the perpetrator of the event.  In a broader sense, many people interpret the chronology of history in general as “shit happens”.  I tend to view it as powerful sociopaths engineering events and playing God.

Fringe-groups like the KKK, Black Panthers, Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, and others preach hatred and violence.  They are detestable and dangerous, but in the big picture I don’t see them as near-term threats capable of overthrowing the Republic of the United States.

That said, I do see a viable and immediate internal threat to our Republic; the result of years of planning and BILLIONS upon billions of dollars in funding.  There is a very evil underbelly to this oncoming assault, including a culture-shift to “win at any cost” and “if you don’t like the message, kill the messenger.”  Hence, the unabating character assassination and obstruction of President Trump; perhaps the only person powerful enough to expose and prosecute this sedition.

This orchestrated overthrow is about to crash head on into millions of Americans who still believe in doing the right thing and will protect their Republic at any cost.  Me and my posts, I’m just the guy yelling that a train is coming, so get off the tracks!  Most don’t listen or would rather not know.  Plus, I could be totally wrong, but I’ve yet to find another scenario that connects these crazy events in such an un-crazy way.

And finally, YES, Nazis suck!  During our lives, we’ve all heard different tales of cruelty both to people and to animals.  Many disturbed me for weeks, and I wished I could go back and unhear them.  One of them was in a documentary on the concentration camps as told by a camp survivor.  Dr. Josef Mengele took two young twin-girls from their barracks to his operating table, where he butchered them and then sewed the two of them together to see if they could share internal organs.  The children were returned to their bunk where they were heard whimpering as the stench of gangrene filled the air and they slowly, painfully died.  No, I don’t support Nazis.



— Opinion by Bass Manski — SHARE the post, Share YOUR thoughts —

I think our first response to bad news is to close our eyes and ears to it. I can respect that, after all, your reality is what you believe. The problem with this approach is that if the bad news is true, it might eventually invade your reality, whether you believed it or not, and you will not be prepared to respond.

So then, maybe there are some folks who will look and listen to the bad news. Their response is to deny it; fake news, not true, conspiracy theory. Hey, no one wants to feel foolish for having bought into a lie. So they go on their busy way struggling to live a relatively worry-free life. But, they’ve logged that bad news somewhere in the off-line storage of their minds.

Time passes, and those in denial continue to notice events and people in their society that just don’t make sense. They’re defying the rules and values that we’ve come to accept as sane, healthy, moral, and nonviolent behavior. And then they remember the bad news, and the epiphany occurs. Yes, within the framework of that “bad news article”, the crazy activities of these actors starts to makes sense, and finally our awakening begins.

Bad news is like cancer. We can ignore that lump, because to deal with it would be life-altering and such a derailment of all our plans. So we’ll continue as though nothing is wrong, but that cancer will eventually kill us. I suggest it’s the same with bad news.  Some very depraved and sinister things are going on in high places around the world. It’s MUCH easier to ignore them, call them fake news, because to accept the existence of such ugliness would be, like the cancer, life altering. But also like the cancer, unless we acknowledge and deal with them, these ugly truths will eventually kill us, or at best strip us of the freedoms and liberties that we’ve grown to depend on; the freedoms and liberties that help us deal with the cancers and all the other bombshells that are thrown in our paths.