The New Face of Politics


— Allegory by Bass Manski —

[Preface: This story has absolutely nothing to do with race. The fact that pieces on a chess board are either black or white is purely incidental. The fact that I even have to point this out is a sad comment on the political brainwashing of our society.]

Two faceless people are playing chess. The black side of the board is trying to protect its kingdom, as the white kingdom advances from the opposite side of the board in an attempt to overthrow the black kingdom.

But in this unusual game, the black army is a nation, not a kingdom. The white pieces advance, and the black pieces defend, and soon black and white pieces are intermixed throughout the board.

The referee calls time-out, and announces that the player defending the black nation will now leave the game, and will be replaced in a few minutes by a new player who has been waiting blind-folded in a sound-proof room unknowing of what has happened up to this point.

Next, the referee replaces all of the white pieces with corresponding black pieces of equal rank. For example, the two white knights are replaced with two black knights resulting in a total of four black knights on the board. However, the newly “blackened” knights remain loyal to the white kingdom, and only the white invader knows which are which.

The new replacement player takes his seat at the game and is informed that all of the players are now black, but he is unable to tell which ones are his and which ones are infiltrators.

The referee hits the timer-clock, and it is the black nation’s move.


Rush Hour Breakdown

Rush Hour Breakdown

    — Commentary by Bass Manski — Share if you agree —

This ever happen to you?

You’re in your car during rush hour. You’re tired, you’re crabby, you have to go to the bathroom, and your pants are sticking to your ass. You just want to get to your destination, and chill…

You’re stopped at that legendarily long traffic light that you always dread, with at least twenty cars in front of you. Finally! The light turns green. All the cars start moving, and you are gonna make it home after all.

That is, all of the cars except the one in front of you. Huh!? Oh no, did they break down? NO! THEY’RE ON THEIR FUCKING PHONE!

You beep your horn. They look up, awoken from their moronic texting, and they start to drive.

You smile as you imagine how good it will feel to finally empty your bladder. The iPhone-zombie in front of you makes it through the light just as it turns red again. You my friend, better hope you have an empty coffee cup or water bottle in your car.



— Editorial by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree —

Consider the recent accomplishments of your “movement”…

• Loretta Lynch calls for blood in the streets!
• Obama goes to Hawaii to collude with Fed judge and former Harvard classmate to reject Trump’s LEGAL terror-country travel ban; FELONY!
• George Soros & Michael Moore (yes, your leaders) hire and/or inspire thugs to beat-up peaceful pro-Trump demonstrators in Berkeley! (Yes, the masked rioters showed up again!!!)
• Valerie Jarrett moves in with the Obamas to lead and coordinate further obstruction and disruption of our government.
• George Soros spends $250 million dollars to instigate a women’s strike to further divide our society, destabilize our economy to benefit his hedge fund, and shut down elementary schools for a day.
• Cory Booker on the evening news says Trump makes people afraid to go out of their homes. Meanwhile, a 12-y/o boy is severely beaten up on his school bus by the Soros/Moore-youth for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.
• After demanding that we must accept the results of our election, Hilary rises from the grave to make a video advocating treason and resistance of our president.
• Democrats desperately continue to push their false Trump/Russia narrative weeks after our intelligence agencies and FBI have officially stated “no evidence of collusion!”
• Rachel Maddow in a transparent act of criminal prostitution shamefully airs a tax return of STOLEN from our president, desperate for ANYTHING to discredit him. (FYI Rachel, you are complicit in a felony.)

My question to the “never-Trumpers” is WHY? This is no longer dirty politics. The election is over! This is unprecedented. These are acts of desperation and panic and VIOLENCE. WHY?

This core group of Soros, Moore, Schumer, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Pelosi, Booker and their media counterparts are rebranding the Democratic Party into the party of violence, fascism and suppression of speech and protest. And all of you are their accomplices. WHY?

By aligning with the treasonous Soros and Moore, the Democratic Party is hemorrhaging credibility. They behave more like a shadow government or crime syndicate than an American political party. WHY?

The tyranny you fear is exactly what you are creating. The fascist you despise is who you are becoming. Think about it.

Consider what President Trump is trying to accomplish…
• lower taxes,
• create jobs,
• elevate inner cities from poverty,
• repair healthcare,
• keep America safe,
• rebuild infrastructure,
• stop ILLEGAL (repeat I L L E G A L) border crossings,
• defeat ISIS,
• stop child sex trafficking and indict and prosecute all involved!

WHY are YOU against these things?

Why is this core group of Soros, Moore, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Pelosi, Booker and their propaganda media SO DESPERATE to shut down Trump and his Attorney General and his Deputy Attorney General?

Are they afraid of lower taxes? Do they want to keep inner cities impoverished and plagued by gang violence? Do they support ISIS? DO YOU?

Are they afraid that the new, uncompromised Department of Justice will expose the child sex trafficking ring(s) in our country??? President Trump has already enabled over 1,500 arrests and rescues in this area. Are you sorry he did that???

Aren’t you concerned at the statistics whereby the number of missing children from Virginia, not far from Washington DC, is off the charts!!! Do any of you have children? DO THE RESEARCH.

Millions of Americans are asking the same questions about your so-called “resistance movement”. WHY?

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. You’ll never forgive yourself when the truth is exposed and you realize you’ve been played into being a part of it. Peace, love, dove homies, and may good prevail.

Rioters For Hire

Rioters For Hire


The same group of masked, hooded rioters “show up” at every protest. Is this not yet obvious to everyone? Their purpose is to give the (false) impression to the TV audience that ALL of the protestors are violent. This threatens free speech and freedom to protest for all of us.

If our law-enforcement (at least those not “employed” by George Soros) don’t snuff this out, I’m guessing vigilante groups soon will. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a group similiar to the Guardian Angels mobilize and also begin showing up at these events as a counter-balance. That said, fighting violence with violence may add to the chaos and be just what Soros is hoping for. Time will tell.

In the meantime, if we don’t prosecute these felony-rioters and “follow the money”, this shit ain’t never gonna stop. Peace homies.

The Loop

The Loop

As a teenager, I realized the most valuable commodity and the one of which I had the least was love and acceptance. So I searched for love and acceptance.

As a young man starting a family, I realized the most valuable and scarcest commodity was money. So I searched for money.

As a middle-aged man, accomplished in the corporate bureaucracy, I realized the most valuable and scarcest commodity was time. So I searched for time.

As an old man lamenting his younger days, I realize the most valuable and scarcest commodity is physical and spiritual vitality, or in simpler words, energy. But ironically, I don’t have the energy to search for energy. So instead, I’ll sink into my recliner chair with a Hemingway cigar and endless reruns of The Big Bang Theory, until I fall asleep for a thousand years, knowing that one day I’ll awaken refreshed and ready to begin my search for love and acceptance.

Life is good. Existence is forever.

I Stand With Standing Rock

I Stand With Standing Rock

I love America and the American people, but our government and politicians? Hmmm, …not so much. We as a country and a people have a checkered past, and we all know it. One of our darkest periods was the pillage and genocide we committed, as we forcefully stole the land rightfully owned by the indigenous Native Americans.

But that was yesterday, and today we are a more enlightened people. Or, are we?

You’ve probably heard about the North Dakota access pipeline and the controversy surrounding it and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. In case you haven’t, here’s a three-sentence primer.

The Standing Rock Sioux opposes the pipeline’s construction near the Sioux reservation on the grounds that it threatens their public health and welfare, water supply and cultural resources.

The pipeline was originally supposed to cross the Missouri River near Bismarck, but it was moved over concerns that an oil spill at that location would have wrecked the state capital’s drinking water. As a result, the pipeline was shifted to a crossing half a mile from the reservation, where apparently it’s ok to wreck the Sioux Indians’ drinking water, land and scared cites.

In closing, there are two schools-of-thought here, homies. First, we’ve pissed all over the Indians before, why stop now; or second, it’s time to do the right thing and contact our representatives to spend a few more bucks and reroute the pipeline. As always, the choice is ours. Peace, love, dove.

The Walking Dead-To-Me

The season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead made Schindler’s List look like Mary Poppins. Although it was fiction, it was one of the most brutal viewings I’ve ever sat through, and it forced me to ask, “Why am I subjecting myself to the sadistic whims of these screenwriters?” which begs the deeper question, “What has happened to entertainment in America?”

As an old computer guy, my first exposure to programming was coding IBM Assembler Language on punched cards. Simply put, computers read input, process it, and produce output. Back in the day, we had an acronym which I believe has withstood the test of time: GIGO, or “garbage in, garbage out”. If you give bad data to a computer, it’s going to produce bad results.

Our brains are computers, and just what data are we feeding them these days? Sticking to the subject of entertainment, I seem to remember, perhaps selectively, that much of the television and movies we once watched were of a more “feel good” and inspiring nature. Leave It To Beaver and the Andy Griffith Show, among MANY others, entertained while reinforcing positive moral messages, like play fair, be honest, and don’t hurt others.

I was addicted to science fiction and monster movies, where the killing was usually theatrically transparent, the monsters died at the end, and the human race prevailed. Today, movies like Hostel are brutal and unredeeming. TV shows like Scandal reflect the government corruption that, via WikiLeaks in this current presidential campaign, we see is TRUE, as we always suspected it was. Flip through your 200 cable TV channels late at night. At least 50% will be reality or fictional shows about killing, and the other 50% will be infomercials trying to get your money.

How did we get here? Is this just an extension of our culture at large, or is this an extension of a more deliberate agenda attempting to shape our culture at large? With age comes the accumulation of experience and, in some cases, the wisdom to learn from it. Our minds are computers, and I have helplessly observed how vulnerable they are to GIGO. With enough conditioning and unrelenting messaging, millions of people can be made to “look the other way” as abuse is institutionalized on so many levels. We acquiesce and accept it. We look down and shake our heads and say “Well, that’s just the way things are.”

Homies, the way things are, CAN be the way you want them to be. We CAN say no to the corruption. We CAN have an honest man or woman with enough courage to do the right thing and tell the truth. We CAN stand up and say “ENOUGH!” Perhaps, it starts with GIGO.

As for me, after six seasons of watching The Walking Dead, I’m gonna take a break and watch a few Leave It To Beaver reruns. Peace, love, dove my friends.