The Darkest Secret


— Editorial by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree —

After countless hours of searching for reasons that might somehow justify the unprecedented corruption and insanity of our political deep state and their unquestioning followers, what is one to do when an explanation reveals itself that is so preposterous and disturbing, yet connects all the dots and cannot be proven false? I don’t want to believe such a disillusioning truth, but I cannot find evidence to debunk it; only to support it!

The conclusions on this page are my beliefs and my opinion. As social media will attest, they also happen to be shared by hundreds of thousands in the United States and worldwide. The subject matter is child sex-trafficking, and it is disturbing. To instantly absorb it would be like getting hit across your face by a 2-by-4. Perhaps you will initially scoff and rebuke me. That would certainly be the safe route to go. But, if you are willing to open your mind for the few minutes it takes to read this and to check out the films I mention, you may become surprised to find yourself joining the ever growing movement to expose and right this unspeakable wrong.

The shadow government, or deep state, and their generation of indoctrinated followers who’ve been deceived into believing their cover-story have declared war on our Constitution, our freedom, and our “identity” as Americans. The ultimate dilemma in this is that honest Americans play by the rules of truth and fairness, but the shadow government follows NO rules and will sink to any immoral and illegal measures to shut down President Trump and AG Sessions. Why? They cannot allow our President and Attorney General to reveal to the world the horrific child sex-trafficking and torture that is happening with elites in D.C., Hollywood and around the world. Several so-called mainstream media “news” stations are the propaganda arms of this cabal, spewing anti-Trump hate-triggers transparently in lock-step with the shadow government agenda.

Pedophilia as an “elite privilege” is not new. Watch the documentary Conspiracy Of Silence on YouTube. It was intended to be aired on the Discovery Channel some time ago but pulled at the last minute.

The latest attempts to expose this institutionalized depravity came to be tagged as “PizzaGate”. This is what prompted the shadow government and its media counterparts to institutionalize the phrase “fake news”. On Jan 17, Ben Swann, a CBS News anchor in Atlanta, featured a story entitled “IS ‘PIZZAGATE’ FAKE NEWS?” on the Reality Check segment of his show. The next day, Ben went missing, and his Facebook page went dark. The web-site MediaMatters immediately attempted to discredit Ben’s story. MediaMatters is funded by George Soros and was founded by David Brock, the lover of James Alefentis. James is the owner of Comet Ping Pong in D.C., which was the epicenter of PizzaGate along with John Podesta’s hacked emails on WikiLeaks. Oddly enough, this pizza restaurateur is identified in GQ magazine as one of the 50 most powerful people in Washington D.C. By the way, Ben Swann eventually resurfaced and last I heard is back on the air.

Continuing their coup to shut-down our President, this parallel government invents a lie about Trump and Russia. Both our intelligence agencies and the FBI have confirmed that they found NO SUCH collusion. Still, the cabal, their propaganda counterparts, and their entrenched political operatives continue to push this narrative to disrupt, obstruct and ultimately shut-down Trump. WHY are they demonizing any attempt by this administration to find mutually-beneficial common-ground with another global super-power? Here’s a possible reason. Putin, in his recent Christmas speech, spoke about this New World Order and its mission to stifle individuality and traditional values while enabling the global pedophilia crisis. The elites in the world who participate in the abuse of children will DO ANYTHING to avoid exposure. I believe both Trump and Putin share a common desire to end human sex-trafficking at the expense of naming some REALLY BIG names. Big names who have their tentacles entrenched deeply in our government and society at large.

This may be a truth that you would rather avoid processing, but if you are a parent or know anyone who has kids, you NEED to consider and judge this for yourself. The “National Center for Missing and Exploited Children” estimates that of the 18,500 children reported missing in America in 2016, over 3,000 were most likely sex-trafficking victims. OVER THREE THOUSAND IN A SINGLE YEAR!!!  Imagine if it was your kid.

This is indeed a very disturbing rabbit-hole to go down; one from which you’ll emerge seeing the world forever different. These sick perverts influence some of the highest decisions in world government and finance. Countless people have been publicly shamed, gone missing, falsely imprisoned, or murdered upon attempting to seek justice; including survivors of the abuse who tried to come forward. Are you aware that in his first month in office, President Trump declared war on human trafficking and prompted over 1,500 arrests and rescues in the USA?  Were you not informed of this by the “mainstream media”?

If you feel compelled to know more, I would recommend two very brief YouTube videos, about 5 minutes each. The first is Ben Swann’s Reality Check segment as aired on CBS News which also serves as an introduction to PizzaGate:, and the second is Putin’s recent Christmas speech which expounds upon the goals of the evil cabal and why it is determined to prevent Trump and Putin from joining forces to shut down world-wide sex-trafficking:

I want to make it very clear that I am a patriotic American who is sick to death of the corrupt slander of our President and obstruction of our democracy, which is motivated NOT by love for America, but by something sinister beyond description. I do NOT support Putin, and I am NOT aligned with Russia. I am referencing his speech here solely to illuminate that both he and our President Trump share a common condemnation of child sex-trafficking. I pray it is a condemnation that we can ALL share, and if God is watching, a cause worthy enough to maybe even reunite us as a country once again. May good prevail.

The Time for Apathy Is Over

The Time for Apathy Is Over


Editorial by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree

A 14 year old freshman girl was gang-raped in her high school bathroom by two classmates, 17 and 18 years-old. One rapist was in the country illegally due to the city’s sanctuary policy. Both men were in the high school as freshmen!!! The young girl was raped, sodomized and forced to perform oral sex. But as horrific as this act by these two savages was, THERE IS YET A WORSE ATTROCITY.

The news medias of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC refused to air a single minute on this story. WHY? Because it goes against their anti-Trump mission. Because those networks are no longer the outlets for honest journalism. They are propaganda tools for those who are DESPERATE to shut down Trump. WHY?

Later today, I will post the answer to WHY? Many will scoff and refuse to believe something so preposterous, even though I’ll provide links to evidence. Believe me, I didn’t want to believe it either. I’m a pretty smart and pragmatic guy. As a young adult, I took the Wechsler Intelligence Test and scored just below 130, which is just below “genius” or “gifted”. I tell you this to assure you that I am not stupid or gullible, when I say that I cannot find any proof to debunk what I’m about to post. If you ever wanted to stop “following” me, now is the time.

What’s happening behind the scenes and in the shadows is no longer political. It’s something very ugly… and incredibly dangerous. The time for apathy is over.

The Honor System

The Honor System

We rely upon the mass belief of intangibles for the survival of society. That which is not believed in, does not exist. The fragile line between civility and anarchy, between good and evil, between love and fear, depends almost exclusively on the honor system.

We wear clothes in public, because we believe it is the thing to do. We don’t punch our neighbor, because we believe it would be wrong. We try to share a common belief about the meanings of wrong and right. We are on the honor system to maintain those beliefs. For most of us, since early childhood, we were taught the meanings of right and wrong, and those teachings became our beliefs.

Consider the game of checkers, where you move your pieces only forward and diagonally per the rules of the game. Your opponent however moves his horizontally and backwards, and captures your pieces at will. You both may be playing a game, but it is no longer checkers, for it is only a set of intangible rules that made it checkers in the first place. Your opponent did not share your belief.

It is only through the honor system, a mutual agreement to respect intangible rules, that we can survive as a nation; otherwise, our nation will become something else. Like the checker game, it will no longer be America.

Businesses, games, competitions, elections, and democracies survive on the honor system. Play the game fairly, and respect the outcome. The organized and heavily funded obstructionists, rioters and slanderers who have abandoned the honor system and are hell bent on sabotaging a government that serves 324 million Americans are not doing so because they hate our new President. They have devoted years to changing the beliefs of the young and building a different government based on moving the checkers horizontally; a beta site that was poised and ready for implementation upon the election of its chosen candidate. But the election did not go their way, and now the leaders of this “deep state” are in mortal fear of a president who, unlike them, believes in the honor system.

I believe that several powerful people currently dedicated to the obstruction of our government and the destruction of our President have been involved in heinously immoral and criminal activities, and our President knows this. The “deep state” is desperate to shut him down, and hence we are witness to the most elaborate and destructive smear campaign perhaps in the history of politics.  You will of course believe what you will.  I guess time will determine if whether in the future we move our pieces diagonally or horizontally.  With God’s help, may the honor system prevail.  Peace.

Builders and Destroyers

Builders and Destroyers

*** Revised on 2/3/2017 ***

Yesterday at the University of Berkley, a young girl wearing a Trump hat was sprayed with pepper-spray in her face and eyes by a man who was clearly not a student. This man was not a protestor, nor was he a liberal or a Democrat. He was a paid thug, part of a widely metastasized and heavily funded movement hell-bent on dividing America and undermining our Constitution. This man can and should be identified.  What he did was criminal.  In the past, these thugs who were paid to destroy property and incite rioting seemed to just disappear back into society. Let’s see if maybe this time, one of them is finally prosecuted?

Similarly on Inauguration Day, hired anarchists broke windows with hammers in Washington DC and burned the limo of an immigrant trying to start a small business. If you are a peaceful protestor, please explain to me how these destructive, rioters-for-hire help your cause?  In Berkley last night, someone threw a bike-rack through a window. Are we, the sane folks in America, supposed to believe that this violence was really in response to a conservative speaker coming to give a speech?  Whatever happened to simply not buying a ticket and not attending his lecture?  Ya see, I think these paid rioters are threatening ALL of our free speech and our right to protest and demonstrate peaceably. People on TV see this, and they lump the peaceful protestors in with the violent ones; guilt by association.  THINK about this.  Isn’t it in EVERYBODYS’ best interest to expose and stop the violence, before things really get ugly?

Speaking of guilt by association, I reject the grossly inaccurate labels of liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, gay and straight, black and white. These labels serve only to further divide us. They are tools used by George Soros, Michael Moore and others who seek chaos and a country divided by hateful fabrications. As Mark, Matthew, and Abraham Lincoln once said, a divided house cannot stand. I suggest instead that there are two types of people in our society: builders and destroyers. Which are you?

The other day, a friend of mine asked me how I’m holding up in this crazy world. There is a heavy burden of frustration building up in America. Outlets like cable “news” and social-media are being used as propaganda tools to weaken the spirit of the builders and recruit the gullible destroyers.

So, when I think about how I might “hold up” in this crazy world, I guess I have two choices: try to change the crazy world, or change how much of it I let into my head. I choose the latter, but as you can tell by reading this blog, I’m having trouble diverting my eyes from the bloody car-wrecks lining the shoulders of the highways, as I rubber-neck my way through life.

I will keep trying to limit my exposure to the propaganda. I’ve also made a donation to the political party I support, and wrote a letter suggesting they prosecute the rioters and “follow the money”. Until we cut off the head of the snake that seeks to obstruct and destruct America, chaos will continue to reign. If you’re a Builder, and not someone who uses hate, violence, obstruction, and slander to get their way, keep the faith. The Destroyers, those who call the rest of us fascists, want to unravel us with their hysteria, chaos and intimidation, but we will prevail.  To quote Rudyard Kipling, “If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” then, my homies, you are a Builder.  Peace.

Rise and Shine

Back when I swam the waters of the corporate ocean, if a department became demoralized, we would do something about it; a team building exercise, a seminar, a dinner, or an open meeting where everyone could air it out. I sense that America is demoralized. I think that many people believe our future will be worse than our present, so they think “What’s the point?” I think maybe we need a team meeting to boost morale. I think we, as individuals, need to take our power back.

Many of us are frustrated and feel like we don’t have a voice, so we lash out at whatever’s in striking distance. I think this morale malaise affects the motivation and quality of everything we produce as a society from the levels of service provided to the attitudes of those providing it to the quality of production overall. I think a lot of people in the workforce are just “phoning it in”, because they feel unrecognized, uninspired, underappreciated and powerless in the face of work-place politics. Perhaps they suffer from a growing stressfulness brought on by being surrounded by people who feel the same way they do. Who carries the sunshine into the workplace these days? Who carries the sunshine into your life?

Actually, people ARE listening. Friends, family, coworkers, clergy, neighbors are listening. Even several of the “good guys” (and gals) in government are listening. But the important question is, “Are we listening to ourselves?”  Are we ready to rely on ourselves for our happiness?

I think it’s time we take our power back. I think it’s time for America to have a morale booster.  I’m not talking about a revolution. I’m not even talking about curing diseases or fixing corruption or resolving conflicts that have been with us forever. That may come in due time. I’m talking about the power we each have and have had this whole time; the power over the way we think and the way we feel. If we think that the future will be worse than the present; if we as a society embrace one big suicidal group-think, then the future will become just what we make it. I’m talking about carrying our own sunshine.

The problems in the world are daunting, but many are fixable. But how can we expect to fix them if we don’t “show up” one-hundred-percent? It’s time we take back our power. It’s time we look into the eyes of the corrupt politicians and ISIS and the back stabbers and the heartless and say, “You’ve failed. You’ve tried to take my spirit, but now I’m taking it back! You are not me, and you will NEVER control me.” The team-building and morale-boosting of America starts with us, the people, and how we allow ourselves to think and feel.  That’s our launch pad.  The rest will follow.

Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps everybody is happy-go-lucky, and I’m just the odd man out.  Either way, I’m taking my power back.

It’s Debatable

My Dad was one of a family of twelve growing up in a railroad apartment in Brooklyn. He graduated high school, and then joined the Army, and then the Navy. Upon returning to civilian life, he got a job as a deckhand on a tugboat in the Army Corp of Engineers working the New York harbor.

When I was five, my family moved to a blue-collar, factory town in New Jersey, where I grew up. It had its tough moments with fist fights and bullies, but we always kept it real.

My father was honest to a fault and not always an easy man to warm up to, especially if you were the sensitive type. He called it like he saw it, which often meant calling bullshit right to the face of someone telling a lie or trying to sell him a load of crap. He may not have spoken with eloquence, and may have used the word “good” when he should have said “well”, but his message was always crystal clear. Me, being the sensitive type, and he clashed a lot back then, but as I aged and accumulated my own wisdom, I saw the value and courage in his integrity, and came to witness how vital his brand of honesty was if society was not to self-destruct.

Last night in the first presidential debate, Donald Trump reminded me of my Dad; a fish out of water in a land ruled by cutthroat liars, character assassins, and hijacked politicians that without a sense of right or wrong will cut you to shreds and bury the pieces never to be found. Trump spoke without eloquence, called bullshit a lot, and sometimes got it wrong. Meanwhile his opponent said all the right things; the things that roll off the tongues of professional politicians like glistening droplets of venom dripping from the mouth of a cobra; the things that are always promised but in the end never delivered.

As a people, we’ve apparently developed a taste for these hollow promises, as long as they are slick and shiny. We are led by an example that says it’s okay to cheat and lie. Our government and political system is not broken. It’s working just as it’s been rigged to work. We see and ignore and feel helpless, as too many powerful people teach us that the end justifies the means, and where we once saw heroes step up to save the day, we now only see accomplices to the corruption. How can an unpolished business man trying to do the right thing for America ever succeed in such a sinister landscape? As a society, we are like a person who goes to the same diner and eats the same meal every day of his life. It keeps him alive, but it tastes like shit.

By the way, my Dad worked on those tugboats all his life, but he didn’t retire as a deckhand. He retired as Captain.

Trump… a racist?

I take pride in evolving (a popular word these days…) my position and opinion in response to new facts and evidence. In fact, I often wish I had been wise enough to have refrained from holding foundationless opinions to begin with. But I guess that’s why they are called opinions.

These days, opinions spread like a lit match in a field of straw on the driest day of the year. They take on a life of their own, and like the “telephone game”, their origins get lost and distorted.  After all, it’s a lot easier to rampage with your peers than it is to stand alone for the truth; especially these days when the mobs can so easily shut you down thanks to the social media we have all naively validated as gospel.  No need, time or interest to debate on a cerebral level when emotional volatility makes for such better optics.  Be very wary when pressured to surf the opinion landslide, for it just may be you who gets buried beneath.

I am willing to evolve my opinion of Donald Trump, and I reach out to the “Trump haters” to provide me the evidence I need. I believe that Trump is NOT a racist, and I invite you to convince me otherwise.

If you would be so kind, please comment to this blog/post with EXACT quotes of Trump spewing racism followed by the date and place when and where he made those EXACT quotes. These should be very clear examples of HATRED for people due to their race. They should NOT be quotes that you INFERRED were racist, or that your peer group tells you are racist, or that were purposely taken out of context. I’m willing to change, so change me. Please don’t send links and videos; I’ll research those on my own once I get your quotes.  If… I get your quotes.

Lastly, since we’re probing for truth here, I would suggest to you that your time and passions would be better served, if you were to detach from your emotions for a moment, and ponder this question.  Why are such an overwhelming number of Americans supporting for President someone who is seemingly unpresidential in so many ways?  I’ll give you a hint, they are NOT stupid, and they are NOT racist.  Figure this one out, and you may begin to evolve YOUR opinions.

Peace, love, dove homies.