The “Overthrow America Party”

The “Overthrow America Party”

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The Democratic Party has become the angry mob carrying torches and preparing to lynch the wrong man, all the while never knowing they’ve been manipulated by rulers unseen and nefarious, devoid of humanity and attaching no value or sentimentality to human life, unless it is their own.

For them, the means justifies the end, and that will be their downfall, for they have no soul to fight for and no substance in this life to live for.  They destroy with envy, because they cannot create.  They are pathetic and hateful. It is the hollow feeling experienced by a child who wins at a game by cheating. It is the hollowness experienced by an adult when they no longer recognize their image in the mirror, and their world implodes around them.

We all hear the voice inside of us that differentiates wrong from right.  We all know, and we all see who is trying to help America and who is hurting America.  I suggest to this new “Overthrow America Party” that your credit card is maxed out; both in politics, and in life.  Time to get out of town.

It’s Time To Fight Back


— Opinion by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree —

I believe President Trump is rocking the boat of a deeply entrenched criminal shadow-government consisting of, among others, Soros, Moore, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi, Perez, and others hidden even deeper behind the scenes. I believe Trump was told to play ball, but he wouldn’t, so the deep state is being smoked out of its burrow and is finally showing its ugly face. I believe this deep-state government is neck-deep in a global pedophilia child-trafficking ring, and Trump wants to shut them down, so they are desperate to shut him down first.

In the case of Obama and Rice’s illegal surveillance and unmasking of the Trump campaign, several people have commented that yet again justice will not be served. If that continues to be the case, then a message more tangible than a FB post may need to be sent to the Soros/Obama/Moore syndicate. Perhaps when their paid rioters arrive via busloads to shut down freedom-of-speech at another town hall, one of them needs to made an example of by some American patriots using the same guerilla-warfare tactics employed by Obama’s OFA and Soros’ Shareblue and Moore’s resistance movement. A message needs to be sent that this shit is going to stop – one way or another! If we continue to do nothing, the shadow government will evolve to become our ONLY government (assuming it’s not that way already!).

The good, common-sense people in our country must remember that, although we do not make a public spectacle of ourselves on national media, there are MORE OF US than there are of them, and we have GOOD on our side, as well as a reason to fight that’s bigger than graft, power-lust and blackmail. If push comes to shove, we will no longer be quiet, and we WILL win. KEEP THE FAITH. May good prevail.

You Owe Yourself a Do-Over


You Owe Yourself a Do-Over


— Opinion by Bass Manski – SHARE if you agree —

To those of you who find yourselves in factions of society pitted against each other, because opposing labels have been assigned to you by persons unknown with motives unknown, I offer this simple advice from an old soul who’s been there and done that and has outlived any need or desire for worldly gains.

Judge not by appearances and labels, for you deny yourself the pleasure of discovery and, most importantly, the opportunity to restore your faith in each other.

Politics vs Survival? Time’s Running Out

Politics vs Survival?  Time’s Running Out

Would it be prudent to temporarily shut-down all worldwide resources, monies and political pressures allocated to “climate change” and immediately redirect them to the following?

A. Stop the leakage of radioactive water/waste (over 760,000 tons to date) of the Fukushima nuclear plants.

B. Intensify scientific research aimed at neutralizing radioactivity. Eventually, weaponize this knowledge as a way to disarm nuclear bombs and warheads.

C. Conduct large-scale studies on the potential extinction-level impact that the leakage of radioactivity has and will have on the sea-life, animals and air in and around the Pacific Ocean from Japan to America’s west coast, and beyond.

D. Clean up the ocean and air, and begin the safe shutdown of ALL nuclear power plants worldwide replacing them with the agreed upon safe/clean energy substitutes. In other words, let’s put the nuclear genie back into the bottle.

If your first words are “It can’t be done”, then it won’t be done. Peace.

Spectacular Stories

Spectacular Stories

We don’t need a Steven Spielberg movie or a Harry Potter book to hear a spectacular story. Just look at the person standing next to you or any random stranger on the street, and ask them to tell you the story of their life. I guarantee that if they were to oblige, you would be captivated on a heartfelt level from beginning to end. I would also bet my last dime that every single story would stand alone as different and unique. We might even learn something in the process; something about life, something about ourselves. Whoever coined the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was simply out-of-touch.

And yet, sadly and incredulously, institutions have evolved out of creating labels to categorize, homogenize and divide people into groups often pitting one against the other. But, I’m not a label. Are you? May we be reminded that each and every one of us is a diverse, dynamic individual. Somewhere along the travels of their lives, certain individuals lost sight of this beautiful reality, and thus lost their hearts. Some filled the void with resentment and greed and vengeance towards those who were still able to love. Labels appeared and soon after a hateful illusion that caught fire throughout society like a cancer. Yes Virginia, there is evil. But we don’t have to let it live in our heads.

Here’s a simple exercise. Replace the divisive labels in your vocabulary with the word “individual”. Seriously, give it a try. When tempted to refer to someone as a liberal, conservative, black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, hater, truther, racist, millennial, senior, et cetera, call them an individual instead, and discover for yourself if it helps you to see them differently; to see the person behind the label. Perhaps we’ll realize that there actually is hope for society.

Some may say the world has gotten smaller, so we need labels to keep track of it all. I say the world is the same as it always was, but we, our egos and our addictions to instant gratification, have gotten bigger and further from the ground. It’s time to zoom in again. Maybe for just one day, we can turn off our smart-phone, our computer and our TV, and ask somebody if they’d grace us with the story of their life. Personally, I would be honored to hear yours. Peace, love, dove homies.

Bass Manski for President: Laws 1 through 10

I’ve decided to announce my bid to run for president in 2020. My party is the Homie Party, and my message is “Common Sense and Decency”. In no particular order, I’ll be posting a blog every now and then outlining some laws I’d like to pass if elected.

1. The Federal Government will be reduced by the elimination of non-priority programs and policies. Highest priority will be given to:
• public health research and technology including cancer and autism research and cure,
• national defense and security,
• replenishment of funds “borrowed” from Social Security,
• non-government business start-up and job growth incentives, with emphasis on prohibiting monopolies,
• normalization of runaway education costs,
• common-sense banking regulations to prevent fraud and protect a fragile economy.

2. To earn the privilege to vote in America, a person must, in addition to being a documented legal citizen, meet any one of the following criteria:
• be at least 30 years old, or
• have worked the equivalent of a full-time job and paid taxes for at least 4 years cumulative, or
• be responsible for the support and well-being of a child or dependent loved one, or
• have served in the military, or
• have paid for their own college education and/or owe more than $50,000 in school loans, or
• be disabled.

3. Abuse of animals, including domestic, farm, research, zoo and wild, shall be a mandatory felony to be adjudicated by the states.

4. No resident of the United States, citizen or non-citizen, may acquire or hold more than 1 billion dollars in personal wealth. All excess must go to non-political charities specifically and measurably targeting hunger, poverty and/or genocidal oppression and ideologies. The crime for passively trying to buy an election, divide a nation, or promote racism and hate is treason.

5. Anyone found guilty of inciting or funding agitators to incite riots, violence, destruction, terrorism, or treason shall incur a felony prison sentence followed by exile out of America.

6. Free speech and protesting are protected and encouraged. HOWEVER, protestors who block highways, damage property, or hurt people shall be found guilty of a felony, which can be exonerated by contributing one-year of labor rebuilding and repairing the nation’s infrastructure. Housing and meals will be provided. The car that you’ve blocked could be trying to get to a hospital, or a job interview, or pick up a child waiting outside of their school.

7. A national pre-school early-education program will be developed and implemented with the states focusing on respect, kindness, tolerance, positive self-image and gracious social behavior. Specific to the curriculum will be anti-bullying. Self-defense martial arts, especially for women, will be mandatory in all early and high-school physical education classes.

8. While America will continue to open its arms to all nationalities, races and religions that enter our country through legal process, the practice of Sharia law with its barbaric treatment of women and intolerance to LBGTs will be illegal in ALL 50 states. Practitioners of Sharia law will be deported or exiled. Additionally, all categorization and statistics on race and religion will be eliminated from government forms and applications. Emphasis will instead be rechanneled to judging people by their behavior, ethics, and kindness.

9. Corporations will be incentivized with tax reductions to build and open Corporate Campuses in or near inner cities. In addition to providing paying jobs and benefits, these campuses will also provide busing where necessary to/from work, day-care for people who otherwise couldn’t afford it, modest albeit limited and temporary dormitory housing for homeless who need a second chance, on-campus job-training, and a clinic-like infirmary to address basic health issues in workers and children in the day-care, free of charge.

10. ALL prisoners incarcerated for non-violent offenses especially pot use and possession, some of whom are serving life sentences due to obsolete laws, shall be reassessed for immediate release as applicable.

Well, there’s my first ten policies recklessly dumped from top-of-mind to the written page. If you took the time to read them, I am graciously in your debt, for of the many things in life more precious than wealth, time ranks among the highest. Peace, love, dove homies.

Post Yourself

With regard to what people should or shouldn’t say on Facebook, I say hallelujah for our 1st Amendment and the freedom to post what we feel. This includes the freedom to criticize what others post, should you so choose. We already have the PC police. Do we really need the FB police? There were times in American and world history, when saying the “wrong” thing got you arrested, killed or worse. With the exclusion of hate and cruelty, I choose to celebrate our Constitution and to let our mouths roars, or to squeak annoyingly, as the case may be. Either is music to my ears. If I don’t like the content, I don’t “LIKE” the content (as may be the case with this post, haha!), and I move on. Peace, love, dove homies…  and feel free to post yourself!