The Honor System

The Honor System

We rely upon the mass belief of intangibles for the survival of society. That which is not believed in, does not exist. The fragile line between civility and anarchy, between good and evil, between love and fear, depends almost exclusively on the honor system.

We wear clothes in public, because we believe it is the thing to do. We don’t punch our neighbor, because we believe it would be wrong. We try to share a common belief about the meanings of wrong and right. We are on the honor system to maintain those beliefs. For most of us, since early childhood, we were taught the meanings of right and wrong, and those teachings became our beliefs.

Consider the game of checkers, where you move your pieces only forward and diagonally per the rules of the game. Your opponent however moves his horizontally and backwards, and captures your pieces at will. You both may be playing a game, but it is no longer checkers, for it is only a set of intangible rules that made it checkers in the first place. Your opponent did not share your belief.

It is only through the honor system, a mutual agreement to respect intangible rules, that we can survive as a nation; otherwise, our nation will become something else. Like the checker game, it will no longer be America.

Businesses, games, competitions, elections, and democracies survive on the honor system. Play the game fairly, and respect the outcome. The organized and heavily funded obstructionists, rioters and slanderers who have abandoned the honor system and are hell bent on sabotaging a government that serves 324 million Americans are not doing so because they hate our new President. They have devoted years to changing the beliefs of the young and building a different government based on moving the checkers horizontally; a beta site that was poised and ready for implementation upon the election of its chosen candidate. But the election did not go their way, and now the leaders of this “deep state” are in mortal fear of a president who, unlike them, believes in the honor system.

I believe that several powerful people currently dedicated to the obstruction of our government and the destruction of our President have been involved in heinously immoral and criminal activities, and our President knows this. The “deep state” is desperate to shut him down, and hence we are witness to the most elaborate and destructive smear campaign perhaps in the history of politics.  You will of course believe what you will.  I guess time will determine if whether in the future we move our pieces diagonally or horizontally.  With God’s help, may the honor system prevail.  Peace.

Rioters For Hire

Rioters For Hire


The same group of masked, hooded rioters “show up” at every protest. Is this not yet obvious to everyone? Their purpose is to give the (false) impression to the TV audience that ALL of the protestors are violent. This threatens free speech and freedom to protest for all of us.

If our law-enforcement (at least those not “employed” by George Soros) don’t snuff this out, I’m guessing vigilante groups soon will. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a group similiar to the Guardian Angels mobilize and also begin showing up at these events as a counter-balance. That said, fighting violence with violence may add to the chaos and be just what Soros is hoping for. Time will tell.

In the meantime, if we don’t prosecute these felony-rioters and “follow the money”, this shit ain’t never gonna stop. Peace homies.

Builders and Destroyers

Builders and Destroyers

*** Revised on 2/3/2017 ***

Yesterday at the University of Berkley, a young girl wearing a Trump hat was sprayed with pepper-spray in her face and eyes by a man who was clearly not a student. This man was not a protestor, nor was he a liberal or a Democrat. He was a paid thug, part of a widely metastasized and heavily funded movement hell-bent on dividing America and undermining our Constitution. This man can and should be identified.  What he did was criminal.  In the past, these thugs who were paid to destroy property and incite rioting seemed to just disappear back into society. Let’s see if maybe this time, one of them is finally prosecuted?

Similarly on Inauguration Day, hired anarchists broke windows with hammers in Washington DC and burned the limo of an immigrant trying to start a small business. If you are a peaceful protestor, please explain to me how these destructive, rioters-for-hire help your cause?  In Berkley last night, someone threw a bike-rack through a window. Are we, the sane folks in America, supposed to believe that this violence was really in response to a conservative speaker coming to give a speech?  Whatever happened to simply not buying a ticket and not attending his lecture?  Ya see, I think these paid rioters are threatening ALL of our free speech and our right to protest and demonstrate peaceably. People on TV see this, and they lump the peaceful protestors in with the violent ones; guilt by association.  THINK about this.  Isn’t it in EVERYBODYS’ best interest to expose and stop the violence, before things really get ugly?

Speaking of guilt by association, I reject the grossly inaccurate labels of liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat, gay and straight, black and white. These labels serve only to further divide us. They are tools used by George Soros, Michael Moore and others who seek chaos and a country divided by hateful fabrications. As Mark, Matthew, and Abraham Lincoln once said, a divided house cannot stand. I suggest instead that there are two types of people in our society: builders and destroyers. Which are you?

The other day, a friend of mine asked me how I’m holding up in this crazy world. There is a heavy burden of frustration building up in America. Outlets like cable “news” and social-media are being used as propaganda tools to weaken the spirit of the builders and recruit the gullible destroyers.

So, when I think about how I might “hold up” in this crazy world, I guess I have two choices: try to change the crazy world, or change how much of it I let into my head. I choose the latter, but as you can tell by reading this blog, I’m having trouble diverting my eyes from the bloody car-wrecks lining the shoulders of the highways, as I rubber-neck my way through life.

I will keep trying to limit my exposure to the propaganda. I’ve also made a donation to the political party I support, and wrote a letter suggesting they prosecute the rioters and “follow the money”. Until we cut off the head of the snake that seeks to obstruct and destruct America, chaos will continue to reign. If you’re a Builder, and not someone who uses hate, violence, obstruction, and slander to get their way, keep the faith. The Destroyers, those who call the rest of us fascists, want to unravel us with their hysteria, chaos and intimidation, but we will prevail.  To quote Rudyard Kipling, “If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you,” then, my homies, you are a Builder.  Peace.

The Loop

The Loop

As a teenager, I realized the most valuable commodity and the one of which I had the least was love and acceptance. So I searched for love and acceptance.

As a young man starting a family, I realized the most valuable and scarcest commodity was money. So I searched for money.

As a middle-aged man, accomplished in the corporate bureaucracy, I realized the most valuable and scarcest commodity was time. So I searched for time.

As an old man lamenting his younger days, I realize the most valuable and scarcest commodity is physical and spiritual vitality, or in simpler words, energy. But ironically, I don’t have the energy to search for energy. So instead, I’ll sink into my recliner chair with a Hemingway cigar and endless reruns of The Big Bang Theory, until I fall asleep for a thousand years, knowing that one day I’ll awaken refreshed and ready to begin my search for love and acceptance.

Life is good. Existence is forever.

Alcohol – A Theory

Alcohol – A Theory

The problem with a regular diet of alcohol, at least for me, is that I do less and need less to feel alive.

Those two things, doing less and needing less, cannibalize each other in a parasitic cycle that gives one the illusion that he is participating in life.

Hell, what’s the problem with doing less and needing less? While others are out there chasing their tails in the rat race, I can do a hundred different things without ever leaving my easy chair. I still handle the daily chores and family responsibilities. I’m not a drunk. I can finish a bottle of wine and engage in a intellectual debate without a single slur of my speech. So, what’s the problem?

Well actually, there are three problems. The first is that in needing less and doing less, I have no motivation or energy to mess with the status quo. Why bother looking for a problem? Why rock the boat that floats merrily down a stream of Chardonnay?

The second problem is that I’ve bought into a lie that sober life has nothing to offer that would give me more spiritual fulfillment than a few glasses of wine. The issue there is that I don’t know what I don’t know. Am I really willing to live out my life without ever finding out for sure?

The third and last problem is this self-cannibalizing cycle of need-less/do-less. We can assume that it is fueled by alcohol, like a car is fueled by gas. As the “need-less” and the “do-less” continue to consume each other, they must always get back into a state of balance. That’s just the way of our Yin and Yang universe. If I want to do less, but I need more, then I have two choices:  I can start to do moreor I can fuel the “need-less” side of my equation with alcohol.  Either choice gets it back in balance.  Hmmm, it’s easier to have a drink than to do more.  Wow, that decision was easy!

I’ve convinced myself that a few glasses of wine a night for a retiree like me are not a big deal. In fact, it has become what I look forward to nearly every evening. Luckily for me, I have a brain with an intellect that fights to prevail regardless of how much I try to numb it. And that intellect tells me that as long as the “need-less” and “do-less” continue to require increasing levels of fuel, I will theoretically arrive at a place where I will need nothing and do nothing. A living death, and eventually… a dead death.

For me, today is Day-7 without a drink. Hey, I have to test this stupid theory out, don’t I?

Politics vs Survival? Time’s Running Out

Politics vs Survival?  Time’s Running Out

Would it be prudent to temporarily shut-down all worldwide resources, monies and political pressures allocated to “climate change” and immediately redirect them to the following?

A. Stop the leakage of radioactive water/waste (over 760,000 tons to date) of the Fukushima nuclear plants.

B. Intensify scientific research aimed at neutralizing radioactivity. Eventually, weaponize this knowledge as a way to disarm nuclear bombs and warheads.

C. Conduct large-scale studies on the potential extinction-level impact that the leakage of radioactivity has and will have on the sea-life, animals and air in and around the Pacific Ocean from Japan to America’s west coast, and beyond.

D. Clean up the ocean and air, and begin the safe shutdown of ALL nuclear power plants worldwide replacing them with the agreed upon safe/clean energy substitutes. In other words, let’s put the nuclear genie back into the bottle.

If your first words are “It can’t be done”, then it won’t be done. Peace.

Spectacular Stories

Spectacular Stories

We don’t need a Steven Spielberg movie or a Harry Potter book to hear a spectacular story. Just look at the person standing next to you or any random stranger on the street, and ask them to tell you the story of their life. I guarantee that if they were to oblige, you would be captivated on a heartfelt level from beginning to end. I would also bet my last dime that every single story would stand alone as different and unique. We might even learn something in the process; something about life, something about ourselves. Whoever coined the phrase “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” was simply out-of-touch.

And yet, sadly and incredulously, institutions have evolved out of creating labels to categorize, homogenize and divide people into groups often pitting one against the other. But, I’m not a label. Are you? May we be reminded that each and every one of us is a diverse, dynamic individual. Somewhere along the travels of their lives, certain individuals lost sight of this beautiful reality, and thus lost their hearts. Some filled the void with resentment and greed and vengeance towards those who were still able to love. Labels appeared and soon after a hateful illusion that caught fire throughout society like a cancer. Yes Virginia, there is evil. But we don’t have to let it live in our heads.

Here’s a simple exercise. Replace the divisive labels in your vocabulary with the word “individual”. Seriously, give it a try. When tempted to refer to someone as a liberal, conservative, black, white, Hispanic, gay, straight, hater, truther, racist, millennial, senior, et cetera, call them an individual instead, and discover for yourself if it helps you to see them differently; to see the person behind the label. Perhaps we’ll realize that there actually is hope for society.

Some may say the world has gotten smaller, so we need labels to keep track of it all. I say the world is the same as it always was, but we, our egos and our addictions to instant gratification, have gotten bigger and further from the ground. It’s time to zoom in again. Maybe for just one day, we can turn off our smart-phone, our computer and our TV, and ask somebody if they’d grace us with the story of their life. Personally, I would be honored to hear yours. Peace, love, dove homies.