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Consider the recent accomplishments of your “movement”…

• Loretta Lynch calls for blood in the streets!
• Obama goes to Hawaii to collude with Fed judge and former Harvard classmate to reject Trump’s LEGAL terror-country travel ban; FELONY!
• George Soros & Michael Moore (yes, your leaders) hire and/or inspire thugs to beat-up peaceful pro-Trump demonstrators in Berkeley! (Yes, the masked rioters showed up again!!!)
• Valerie Jarrett moves in with the Obamas to lead and coordinate further obstruction and disruption of our government.
• George Soros spends $250 million dollars to instigate a women’s strike to further divide our society, destabilize our economy to benefit his hedge fund, and shut down elementary schools for a day.
• Cory Booker on the evening news says Trump makes people afraid to go out of their homes. Meanwhile, a 12-y/o boy is severely beaten up on his school bus by the Soros/Moore-youth for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.
• After demanding that we must accept the results of our election, Hilary rises from the grave to make a video advocating treason and resistance of our president.
• Democrats desperately continue to push their false Trump/Russia narrative weeks after our intelligence agencies and FBI have officially stated “no evidence of collusion!”
• Rachel Maddow in a transparent act of criminal prostitution shamefully airs a tax return of STOLEN from our president, desperate for ANYTHING to discredit him. (FYI Rachel, you are complicit in a felony.)

My question to the “never-Trumpers” is WHY? This is no longer dirty politics. The election is over! This is unprecedented. These are acts of desperation and panic and VIOLENCE. WHY?

This core group of Soros, Moore, Schumer, Obama, Lynch, Clinton, Pelosi, Booker and their media counterparts are rebranding the Democratic Party into the party of violence, fascism and suppression of speech and protest. And all of you are their accomplices. WHY?

By aligning with the treasonous Soros and Moore, the Democratic Party is hemorrhaging credibility. They behave more like a shadow government or crime syndicate than an American political party. WHY?

The tyranny you fear is exactly what you are creating. The fascist you despise is who you are becoming. Think about it.

Consider what President Trump is trying to accomplish…
• lower taxes,
• create jobs,
• elevate inner cities from poverty,
• repair healthcare,
• keep America safe,
• rebuild infrastructure,
• stop ILLEGAL (repeat I L L E G A L) border crossings,
• defeat ISIS,
• stop child sex trafficking and indict and prosecute all involved!

WHY are YOU against these things?

Why is this core group of Soros, Moore, Schumer, Obama, Clinton, Lynch, Pelosi, Booker and their propaganda media SO DESPERATE to shut down Trump and his Attorney General and his Deputy Attorney General?

Are they afraid of lower taxes? Do they want to keep inner cities impoverished and plagued by gang violence? Do they support ISIS? DO YOU?

Are they afraid that the new, uncompromised Department of Justice will expose the child sex trafficking ring(s) in our country??? President Trump has already enabled over 1,500 arrests and rescues in this area. Are you sorry he did that???

Aren’t you concerned at the statistics whereby the number of missing children from Virginia, not far from Washington DC, is off the charts!!! Do any of you have children? DO THE RESEARCH.

Millions of Americans are asking the same questions about your so-called “resistance movement”. WHY?

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. You’ll never forgive yourself when the truth is exposed and you realize you’ve been played into being a part of it. Peace, love, dove homies, and may good prevail.

Rise and Shine

Back when I swam the waters of the corporate ocean, if a department became demoralized, we would do something about it; a team building exercise, a seminar, a dinner, or an open meeting where everyone could air it out. I sense that America is demoralized. I think that many people believe our future will be worse than our present, so they think “What’s the point?” I think maybe we need a team meeting to boost morale. I think we, as individuals, need to take our power back.

Many of us are frustrated and feel like we don’t have a voice, so we lash out at whatever’s in striking distance. I think this morale malaise affects the motivation and quality of everything we produce as a society from the levels of service provided to the attitudes of those providing it to the quality of production overall. I think a lot of people in the workforce are just “phoning it in”, because they feel unrecognized, uninspired, underappreciated and powerless in the face of work-place politics. Perhaps they suffer from a growing stressfulness brought on by being surrounded by people who feel the same way they do. Who carries the sunshine into the workplace these days? Who carries the sunshine into your life?

Actually, people ARE listening. Friends, family, coworkers, clergy, neighbors are listening. Even several of the “good guys” (and gals) in government are listening. But the important question is, “Are we listening to ourselves?”  Are we ready to rely on ourselves for our happiness?

I think it’s time we take our power back. I think it’s time for America to have a morale booster.  I’m not talking about a revolution. I’m not even talking about curing diseases or fixing corruption or resolving conflicts that have been with us forever. That may come in due time. I’m talking about the power we each have and have had this whole time; the power over the way we think and the way we feel. If we think that the future will be worse than the present; if we as a society embrace one big suicidal group-think, then the future will become just what we make it. I’m talking about carrying our own sunshine.

The problems in the world are daunting, but many are fixable. But how can we expect to fix them if we don’t “show up” one-hundred-percent? It’s time we take back our power. It’s time we look into the eyes of the corrupt politicians and ISIS and the back stabbers and the heartless and say, “You’ve failed. You’ve tried to take my spirit, but now I’m taking it back! You are not me, and you will NEVER control me.” The team-building and morale-boosting of America starts with us, the people, and how we allow ourselves to think and feel.  That’s our launch pad.  The rest will follow.

Perhaps I’m wrong.  Perhaps everybody is happy-go-lucky, and I’m just the odd man out.  Either way, I’m taking my power back.