— Editorial by Bass Manski —

A couple of people dear to me said my posts on Charlottesville were anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi.  Besides being the furthest thing from the truth, I am disappointed that as a writer I failed to make my point.  I am also hurt, because these folks have known me for years outside of FB.

When I analyze a “news” event, I try to look beyond the quagmire of emotional trigger-points that so many of us get stuck in, often as intended by the perpetrator of the event.  In a broader sense, many people interpret the chronology of history in general as “shit happens”.  I tend to view it as powerful sociopaths engineering events and playing God.

Fringe-groups like the KKK, Black Panthers, Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, and others preach hatred and violence.  They are detestable and dangerous, but in the big picture I don’t see them as near-term threats capable of overthrowing the Republic of the United States.

That said, I do see a viable and immediate internal threat to our Republic; the result of years of planning and BILLIONS upon billions of dollars in funding.  There is a very evil underbelly to this oncoming assault, including a culture-shift to “win at any cost” and “if you don’t like the message, kill the messenger.”  Hence, the unabating character assassination and obstruction of President Trump; perhaps the only person powerful enough to expose and prosecute this sedition.

This orchestrated overthrow is about to crash head on into millions of Americans who still believe in doing the right thing and will protect their Republic at any cost.  Me and my posts, I’m just the guy yelling that a train is coming, so get off the tracks!  Most don’t listen or would rather not know.  Plus, I could be totally wrong, but I’ve yet to find another scenario that connects these crazy events in such an un-crazy way.

And finally, YES, Nazis suck!  During our lives, we’ve all heard different tales of cruelty both to people and to animals.  Many disturbed me for weeks, and I wished I could go back and unhear them.  One of them was in a documentary on the concentration camps as told by a camp survivor.  Dr. Josef Mengele took two young twin-girls from their barracks to his operating table, where he butchered them and then sewed the two of them together to see if they could share internal organs.  The children were returned to their bunk where they were heard whimpering as the stench of gangrene filled the air and they slowly, painfully died.  No, I don’t support Nazis.




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Why were the police once again ordered to stand down by an extreme-left mayor as was the case in Ferguson and Baltimore?  This could have ended quickly and with fewer injuries.

Answer:  Great anti-Trump optics, anti-right optics and anti-white optics.  There’s nothing like people killing each other to further divide our country and give the government even more power to “intervene”.

Regardless of the repulsiveness of their message, it was my understanding that the Unite The Right protestors were peaceful.  It was the ANTIFA and BLM protestors, several most likely bused in and paid for by Soros-funded orgs, that started the violence; violence that could have been prevented if the police were allowed to do their jobs.

Our First Amendment gives people the right to express their viewpoints without being beat up.  I don’t agree with Unite The Right’s viewpoint, but unlike anti-Trump and BLM protestors in the past, they did NOT block highways or smash vehicles or burn buildings and cars.  Still, they were beat up, and I hold Mayor Michael Signer to blame.  This catastrophe was orchestrated for political theatrics, and could have been avoided.  Michael Signer should be charged with accessory to man slaughter.

Signer is described in Wikipedia as a political theorist.  He has worked for the Center for American Progress and worked with John Podesta on Obama’s State Dept Transition Team.  The Center For American (CAP) progress is, yes, another George Soros organization.  Ya can’t make this shit up people!  The CAP is not without controversy including failure to disclose sources of funding, attacking evangelical and Catholics during the Hilary campaign, anti-Semitism charges from the America Jewish Committee and Anti-Defamation League, and suppression of anti-climate change literature.

Our political media, and the events under the microscope of that media, are controlled and AMPLIFIED for the purpose of influencing you to believe that America is a terrible and hateful place.  IT IS NOT.  They want you to go along with them as they denationalize America, nullify our constitution, and demote America to a global state subordinate to a One World governing council.  Please, take the time to read my upcoming post What Crawls Beneath the Rock, and as always, please don’t take my word for it, do your own research.